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KBDAV 7 Celebrates Water Week : "Volturnalia" : An Odyssey To Save Water

Chandigarh (Aditi): Among the top most priorities with KBDAV-7, water conservation has always taken the lead, owing to the water crisis that we witness around the World these days. KBDAV-7 has never lagged behind in creating awareness among its students to preserve water for future use, and to spread the message far and wide the week from 20 July 2020- 25 July 2020 was dedicated to celebrating Water Week at the School for class VIII learners. A series of Competitions took place from Monday to Saturday to bring home the fact that survival on this planet is impossible without water.

Cadence competition- A competition to test the Musical Skills of the Learners and create the best Jingle, for the enthusiastic performance from the young minds.

The evil of wastage of water masquerades itself behind the faces of those careless people who allow water to run freely and uselessly. Keeping this in view a mask making competition was organised on the second day and this also received an overwhelming response from the learners who created myriad kinds of masks and impressed everyone with their creativity.

Event 3 of Water Week tested the Innovative Skills along with the skills of Oration and Expression among the Learners. "Walk the Talk" was the name of the competition that brought out the Tech Savvy selves of the students who created videos to spread the ever important message of conserving water.

E–savvy students designed some very beautiful E-logos on 23 July which further strengthened their resolve not to let go the issue of water conservation down the drain. Their imaginative and aesthetic processes won appreciation from everyone.

If one has to explore the dormant journalistic qualities in someone, then age stands no bar to this quality. The creation of stories, poems, articles, puzzles, comic strips and much more by the class VIII learners on July 25, 2020 for the E Journal competition proved this fact right. Some of the creations on this day were actually nail biting and awe inspiring.

What better way to conclude the Water Week than to hold a Brain Testing and Mind Blowing Quiz asking Learners to rub their quizzical senses and answer some of the burning questions on the issue of water shortage and its prevention. The class VIII learners did not fight shy in surprising even in this concluding Competition of the week. We have the Artists, the Quizzers, the Journalists and the Speakers among these budding students. In nutshell, KBDAV-7 was successful in preparing an Army of Water Saviours with this week long practice of instilling the best water habits among its students and of speaking loud the message to the society around.

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