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Khaira urged Capt. for independent inquiry into the wrongful framing of Joginder Singh Gujjar

Chandigarh (Gurpreet) MLA Sukhpal Singh Khaira has written a letter to the chief Minister independent inquiry into the wrongful framing of Joginder Singh Gujjar. He has written to the CM that being the elected representative of Bholath, it is my moral duty to bring to your notice any wrongful, vindictive and false implication of an electorate of my constituency and that too under serious provisions of draconian UAPA law.

As you are aware, one Joginder Singh Gujjar R/o V. Akala P.S. Bholath has been arrested under the newly enacted draconian UAPA law, for his acts of terrorism and waging war against India.

The truth is that this man living in Italy for the past 18 years is 65 years of age, illiterate and a heart patient with no criminal record throughout his life. The village panchayat, elders and his family have approached me for justice and have vehemently vouched for his innocence.

As per police charges he took part in the SFJ convention held in Geneva on 1st November 2019, where according to the picture he is one of the ordinary back bencher type participant. Secondly, he has been charged for giving a “Siropa” to one Avtar Pannu of SFJ in a gurudwara in Italy. Thridly, he has been accused of sending meagre 200 Euros (Rs.15,000) to a one Sandip Singh recipient of Jalandhar via Western Union and that too is a mere snapshot of the transfer from the account of one Ran Singh. His fault was only having the said snapshot in the photo gallery of his cell phone and the said money has not been sent from his account.

Sir, all above said charges are so frivolous in nature and do not call for such harsh criminal action against him, keeping in view the past track record and his ailing health. Participating in the SFJ Geneva convention may be wrong, presenting a “Siropa” to some office bearer of SFJ may also be wrong, keeping a snapshot of a meagre transfer of 200 Euros (Rs. 15,000) may also be wrong and anti national but do you think booking an illiterate 65 years old heart patient with no criminal past under such a draconian law is justified in any manner? Having lived your whole life as a public man, do you trust the Punjab police regarding the so called facts and frivolous recoveries like photos and literature as truthful and genuine evidence? How do you think he can wage a war against such a strong nation like India by participating in a convention, giving a “Siropa” and let’s also admit transferring meagre 200 Euros to an untraced person in Jalandhar? Do you think India is so weak that it will disintegrate with a Rs. 15,000 meagre transfer or a couple of pictures?

Sir, the truth is that the said case has been registered under a well planned strategy of central agencies and the police to target, defame and paint Sikhs as a terrorist community. For this purpose the newly adopted UAPA law is a handy tool as ordinary persons like Joginder Singh Gujjar have no capacity to challenge the said law in any court. I am of the firm opinion, that keeping the age and health of Joginder Singh in view, it is very likely that he will die in custody from the fear of UAPA or will contact coronavirus being an elderly heart patient.

Sir, if such frivolous charges against Joginder Singh amount to acts of terrorism and waging was against India as contained in the said FIR, I can say without doubt that the other 15 FIR’s registered as a series by the Punjab police are nothing but a cock and bull story to intimidate, coerce, defame and label the Sikhs as terrorist.

Sir, last but not the least the Congress party high command is of the considered view that UAPA is being enforced against critics of the BJP government. As per the latest article dated 30th June 2020 written by Mr. Kapil Sibal stalwart Congress leader who has severely condemned misuse of UAPA against those opposing the BJP government. He has quoted RTI activist Akhil Gogoi, Safoora Zargar a research scholar at Jamia Milla Islamia, Anand Teltumbde and Gautam Navlakha both activists protecting vulnerable communities like Dalits and adivasis, Masrat Zahra a 26 year old internationally acclaimed photo journalist etc. for being falsely implicated under UAPA. How can it be that when the Congress considers a law like UAPA as oppressive, vindictive and draconian in the rest of India but its own government in Punjab is not only justifying the slapping of UAPA but going leaps and bounds to implement it.

Therefore Sir, I humbly urge you to order an independent probe if appropriate even by your own vendetta commission head Justice Mehtab Singh Gill to verify the authenticity of charges against Joginder Singh Gujjar under UAPA.

Sir, there’s a popular saying “Let hundred guilty be acquitted but not even one innocent should be wrongly convicted.” I hope you will accede to my request on humanitarian grounds.

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