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Chandigarh: Punjab Rural Development and Panchayats and Transport Minister S. Laljit Singh Bhullar has provided around 3000 bags of feed, 2000 bags of bran and 14 trolleys of green fodder for the animals of the families affected due to the recent floods in the Satluj River in Patti Constituency. The cabinet minister has been actively engaged and making continuous efforts to assist the affected families.

He informed that the flooding in the river has affected around 31 villages situated along the bank of the river.

Bhullar said, the affected families and their animals had been relocated to safe places away from the flooded areas, stating that the Punjab government has arranged food, drinking water, and medical facilities for the affected families in 7 schools located in the flood-affected areas.

The Cabinet Minister further mentioned that he is ensuring a continuous supply of feed, bran and fodder for the milch animals of these villages on his own expenses, so that the milch animals of the affected families can be saved during the floods.

Laljit Singh Bhullar today provided green fodder, feed, bran, silege and other essential medicines to the affected families and animals in the flood-affected villages of Kot Budha, Muthianwala, Sito Mahi Jhuggian, Radhalke, Bhangala, Toot, Jhuggian Peer Baksh, Ram Singhwala, Jhuggian Natha Singh, and Jhuggian Noor Muhammad, Dumaniwala, Jalloke, Bhaowal, Bhojoke, Ballarh-Ke, Rasulpur, Talwandi Mohar Singh, Kilha Pati and Bangla Raye.

He said that the water level in the river is decreasing, and now he has asked the district administration to immediately ensure public services such as electricity, potable water, repairing of roads, and other basic infrastructure in affected areas.


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