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Chandigarh: In a significant development aimed at streamlining the state's transportation services, Punjab Transport Minister Laljit Singh Bhullar has redefined the delegation of powers to the Secretary, Regional Transport Authorities (RTAs) within their respective jurisdictions.

He said that consequent upon the constitution of Regional Transport Authority (RTA) offices in Patiala, Jalandhar, Ferozepur and Bathinda, the State Transport Commissioner has delegated several powers to the Secretary, Regional Transport Authorities within their respective jurisdictions, in accordance with Rule 122(2) of the Punjab Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 and Section 68(2)(i) and 68(5) of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

He said that now onwards, the work related to framing and approval of time tables of routes, renewal of stage carriage permits, transfer of permits, replacement of vehicles, grant of temporary permits, countersignature of stage carriage permits, clubbing of permits, conversion of buses from ordinary to HVAC and vice versa, will be done by the RTAs.

The Transport Minister emphasized that these powers are to be exercised within the defined jurisdiction of each Secretary, Regional Transport Authority and are subject to the conditions specified in the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and the Rules framed thereunder. This delegation of powers is aimed at ensuring greater efficiency and responsiveness in the administration of regional transportation matters.

The Cabinet Minister clarified that certain vital functions, including the grant/cancellation of stage carriage permits, extensions/diversions/curtailments of routes and increase in trips etc. will be exercised by the State Transport Commissioner, Punjab.

With these new measures in place, the Punjab Transport Department aims to enhance the overall transport system's effectiveness and facilitate better public services for the citizens of the state, categorically said Laljit Singh Bhullar.

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