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National Newborn Week celebrations kick started today in U.T Chandigarh. The theme of National Newborn Week 2023 is :- Nurturing Newborn Lives through Community- Facility Engagement In the media workshop organized in the State Institute of Health and family welfare- GMSH-16 on 15.11.2023, the IEC material of National New born Week and SAANS (Social awareness and action to neutralize pneumonia successfully ) was launched by the worthy Director Health and Family Welfare cum Mission Director U.T Chandigarh along with the senior officials from GMSH-16 followed by the awareness generation campaign in the Dept of Pediatrics GMSH-16 U.T Chandigarh.

During the launch certificates were distributed to the mothers who initiated early breast feeding within 1 hr of their delivery at the delivery point as a symbol of encouragement and motivation. A skit was organized by the nursing students to create awareness on the benefits of breast feeding and prevention of childhood Pneumonia. A talk was given by the Pediatricians from the Dept of Pediatrics GMSH-16 on the benefits of breast feeding to the newborn and to the mother.

The Mothers were encouraged to practice Kangaroo mother care. The myths and misconception of breast feeding were dispelled to the mothers and families. MCP card counseling was done to encourage the mother and the family to participate in the healthy development of the Newborn. The week long activities will focus on various aspects of newborn care including quality, safety and linkage of Newborn Care at facility level and community level. The aim is to raise awareness about new born Care for survival and development.

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