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Launch of New Political Party & Press Conference by Balraj Kundu, MLA, Meham

Chandigarh: Balraj Kundu, independent MLA from Meham assembly seat of Rohtak district, launched his new political party by holding a press conference at Hotel Mount View here today. The name of his newly established organization is Haryana Jansevak Party. He launched the party after getting wide feedback from the people of the state. The leader said that he would reveal his party's strategy at a massive rally in Jind on November 1.

Balraj Kundu said, “We will not forge an alliance with JJP, BJP or Congress. His thinking is to give a new option to the people of Haryana. Our youth are falling prey to drugs and the crime rate has increased a lot. There is no one to listen to the pain of farmers. Insurance companies are dealing arbitrarily with the farmers. Compensation has not been given for the last two years. Even after depositing the premium, money is not given, nor is the premium being refunded. Insurance companies have committed a scam worth thousands of crores and this is not possible without the instigation of the state government. That is why I have formed this party to save Haryana.”

The state government has committed huge loot in the name of electricity. Bills have started rising due to the installation of a speed meter. This is very wrong. Seeing all these things I decided to form a new party. The present government of the state has not done anything noteworthy in the last nine years, rather crimes have doubled from before. If compared with the previous government in the state, debt has increased five times, inflation has increased four times and unemployment has increased three times. Asha workers, work instructors, and clerks are all on strike, whose condition has not been inquired about.

He said that the present government is avoiding its accountability, which is why it refused to discuss all the demands and proposals raised by the opposition in the House before the Assembly session. These included the demands of honorarium of Asha workers, compensation to farmers, security of temporary workers, sarpanchs, panchs, district councilors, contract teachers association, traders, sportspersons, representatives of Dalits and backward classes, etc., which did not get attention.

He said that the BJP-JJP government of Haryana has itself admitted in the Assembly that the unemployment rate in the state has reached 8.8%. The unemployment rate which was 2.9% in 2013-14 has reached around 9.0% today. The unemployment rate at the national level is 4.1% i.e. unemployment in Haryana is more than double the national average.

Despite being adjacent to the national capital, Haryana is still struggling with unemployment. The youth are worried, while 2.02 lakh posts are lying vacant in government departments. Instead of making recruitments, the government is carrying out scams like paper leaks and paper copying. By rigging the CET, the future of the youth is constantly being pushed back.

He said that thousands of unemployed youth are turning to drugs and crime. The condition of crime is such that Haryana has been considered the most unsafe state in the country in the Central Government's Social Progress Index. The condition of crime in Haryana is such that the crime rate has doubled from 16.02 to 31.8.

He said that unnecessary information is being collected from the public in the name of family identity cards. There are so many problems in PPP and people are running around the offices to get them fixed. Similar mistakes have been made in Property ID. In this, the landlords were shown as the tenants and the tenants as the landlords. However, the government did not take action against the companies which committed irregularities on such a large scale.

Kundu said that the government is continuously cheating the farmers. The government itself accepted in the Vidhansabha that the compensation of Rs 1303 crore to the farmers has been pending for 3 years. This is the figure which has been accepted by the government. Farmers have been waiting for compensation for many seasons. The farmers have not yet received compensation for the floods that occurred in the past


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