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Patiala: Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on Thursday slammed the opposition for politicising a natural catastrophe and said that he is busy in ensuring relief for the Punjabis and will give befitting reply to them at an appropriate time.

“Its my promise I will reply you after some days and then at that time you will run away from debate” said the Chief Minister while interacting with the media persons on sidelines of his visit to flood affected areas in Patiala district.

The Chief Minister said that it is strange that while he is busy serving the Punjabis affected with the floods, the opposition is grabbing this opportunity to settle the political score. He said that this is shameful on part of leaders of opposition that they are stooping too low by mudslinging during this hour of crisis. Bhagwant Mann said that once security and safety of people of state is ensured he will surely reply these idle and rejected political leaders.

The Chief Minister dared the opposition to explain that did rain took place due to him or was he responsible for excessive flow of water in state from hills. Bhagwant Mann that these leaders are criticising him just because if their political compulsions but people will not forgive them. He said that these leaders never bother about Punjab but are always try to get political mileage even when Punjabis are suffering.

The Chief Minister said that those who are boasting that centre has issued Rs 218 crore must remember that this fund was issued on July 10. He said that state government can’t spend this amount in 72 hours adding that damaged has been minimised as the government had took preventive measures well in advance. Bhagwant Mann said that Ghaggar was cleaned well in advance like the other drains and rivulets in the states.

The Chief Minister said that the state will not beg for any financial assistance from Centre but will certainly send the estimates of loss to them. He said that huge damage has been caused to state in wake of floods and assessment will be made in coming days. Bhagwant Mann said that if Centre will help state it is ok otherwise state is capable of managing it on its own.

The Chief Minister said that due to continuous de-silting and cleaning of canals well in advance the water has reached at their tail end a few days back. He said that now also these cleaned drains and rivulets carried maximum water thereby ensuring less damage. However, Bhagwant Mann said that incessant rain both in hills and the state has created havoc in Punjab but the state government is ensuring full help to people in this hour of crisis.

The Chief Minister said that though rainfall in Punjab was less but lot of water came from the hills downstream and affected Punjab. He said that Punjabis are blessed with indomitable spirit of fighting against all odds due to which they have survived since ages. Bhagwant Mann said that people of Punjab had helped each other in a big way by displaying remarkable bonhomie and harmony.

The Chief Minister said the states like Himachal and Haryana always demand for water and cess from state whereas now they are not ready to keep excessive water with them. He said that these states are putting their excessive water towards the state thereby causing huge damage in Punjab. Bhagwant Mann said that it is surprising that now these states are mum on their share of waters from Punjab and are sending excess water to us for ruining the state.

Chief Minister said that he is monitoring the situation every moment by taking regular updates from across the state. Bhagwant Mann said that the state government is duty bound to help the people in this hour of grave crisis and no stone is being left unturned for this noble cause. He said that succour is being provided even to the last person at the far flung areas of the state.

The Chief Minister said that special thrust is being laid to ensure relief in the worst affected areas of the state so that people do not face any sort of problem. Bhagwant Mann said that priority is being given to carry rescue and relief work in the badly affected areas of the state. He said that all the dams in the state are safe and water is flowing below the danger mark.


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