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Limitless Psychology at Chitkara University with Aditi Govitrikar

Chandigarh: In line with the University Grants Commission's "Deeksharambh" Student Induction Programme, Chitkara School of Psychology and Counselling (CSPC), Chitkara University, Punjab, welcomed students of Applied Psychology- B.A. (Hons./Hons.+ Research), Clinical Psychology- B.Sc. (Hons./Hons.+ Research), and M.Sc. with great enthusiasm on their first day at the campus. This marked the beginning of an exciting journey towards becoming Alpha Counsellors and Alpha Master Counsellors. CSPC organized an orientation programme to help the new students acclimate to the campus environment and instill in them the university's ethos and culture.

Dr. Aditi Govitrikar, a renowned personality known for her roles as an actress, physician, and former model, graced the occasion as one of the guest speakers. In her session, titled "Limitless Psychology with Aditi Govritikar," Dr. Govritikar captivated the audience with her profound insights into psychology and its practical implications. She beautifully elucidated the connection between performance arts and psychology, drawing from her unique background as the first Indian woman to win the Mrs. World title in 2001, and being both a medical doctor and a psychologist. She shared inspiring experiences and valuable insights during a Q&A session, leaving the audience enlightened.

Ms. Astha Luthra, a Clinical Music Therapist with over a decade of experience in the field, served as the second guest speaker. In her session, "Finding Your Rhythm with Ms. Astha Luthra," she enlightened the audience on how music can delicately yet effectively enhance emotional well-being, physical health, social functioning, and cognitive skills. She highlighted the integral role of music in therapy and its healing potential, drawing from her work at St. Jude Child Care Center, which collaborates with TATA Hospital to support children battling cancer.

Both speakers left the students mesmerised with their knowledge and wit and also applauded Chitkara University for its unwavering commitment to providing quality higher education. CSPC's industry-oriented psychology programmes foster interdisciplinary growth, nurturing a research-oriented and innovation-focused mindset among students.

In her address to the new batch of aspiring psychologists, Dr Madhu Chitkara, Pro-Chancellor of Chitkara University, emphasized the critical need for well-trained and highly skilled psychologists in the ever-changing world. She underscored the importance of psychologists in improving mental health standards within communities. She further said “In today’s rapidly evolving world, the role of well-trained psychologists is paramount. We are committed to shaping compassionate and highly skilled professionals who will enhance mental health standards in our communities. At CSPC, we instill not only knowledge but also a passion for making a positive impact on people’s lives through psychology.”

A first-year student pursuing a B.Sc.(Hons.) in Clinical Psychology at CSPC shared her excitement, saying, "The orientation programme has truly ignited our passion for psychology. Dr. Govritikar and Ms. Luthra's sessions were incredibly inspiring, and we are eager to dive into our studies at CSPC. This is the beginning of a remarkable academic journey, and we can't wait to make a positive impact in the field of psychology."

The newly inducted students exhibited genuine enthusiasm and radiant smiles, reflecting their enjoyment of the orientation sessions. They eagerly anticipate embarking on their remarkable journey at CSPC. Overall, the orientation programme was a resounding success, offering an enriching and uplifting experience for all involved.

Chitkara University's Chitkara School of Psychology and Counselling (CSPC) stands at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge Psychology programmes designed to provide industry-relevant education and training. The dynamic and research-informed curriculum is dedicated to nurturing highly competent psychologists.

The applied psychology programmes, including B.A. (Hons./Hons.+ Research), not only impart disciplinary knowledge but also equip students with valuable practical experience in psychological testing, assessment, and counselling. Similarly, the Clinical Psychology programs, B.Sc. (Hons./Hons.+ Research) and M.Sc. are innovatively designed to incorporate the latest developments in the field, fostering both academic and personal growth in the students. CSPC is committed to ensuring that future mental health professionals acquire the essential skills and competencies to excel in their field.



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