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Local Government and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Balkar Singh inaugurates the new bus stand at Dharamkot

Dharamkot: In an Aam Aadmi Party government built by the people with an overwhelming majority, the Punjab Treasury will always be open for development works of the State. In the near future, 570 super suction machines will be given to the entire Punjab for sewerage cleaning. One of these machines will be presented to Dharamkot, ensuring residents won't face sewage problems. With this powerful and modern technology machine, Dharamkot, Kot Ise Khan, and Fatehgarh Panjtur will have effective sewerage cleaning.

          This was expressed by Mr. Balkar Singh, Cabinet Minister of the Local Government Department and Parliamentary Affairs in Dharamkot. He arrived here today specifically to inaugurate the bus stand built for Dharamkot, costing more than 1 crore. Constituency MLA Dharamkot Mr. Davinderjit Singh Ladi Dhons, Constituency MLA Moga Dr. Amandeep Kaur Arora, Chairman District Planning Board Moga Mr. Harmanjit Singh Brar, Chairman Nagar Improvement Trust Mr. Deepak Arora, SDM Ms. Charu Mita, SDM Sarangpreet, Singh Aujla, committee president Gurmeet Makhija, workers from different villages, and villagers were present.

          Cabinet Minister Mr. Balkar Singh congratulated the residents of Dharamkot on the new bus stand. He said that with this new bus stand, people's troubles will cease, and they can use bus services without difficulty. Usually, such development works were done by other governments in the last days of their tenure, but the Aam Aadmi Party has been providing public services from the first day of its tenure. The Punjab government has provided over 40 thousand jobs without any recommendations. More than 650 mohalla clinics have been established, and many more will be inaugurated. In the education sector, 117 schools of eminence have been established. The "Aap Sarkar Aap De Duar" program is effectively providing government services to people on the spot. Under the able leadership of Chief Minister Mr. Bhagwant Singh Mann, the colors of a vibrant Punjab have started to shine again.

          Constituency MLA Dharamkot Mr. Davinderjit Singh Ladi Dhons said that the foundation stone of the new bus stand was laid five years ago by the then Finance Minister, but unfortunately, it remained just a foundation stone. The Aam Aadmi Party's association with the people goes beyond votes; the government is focusing special attention on the basic facilities of the people, resulting in the inauguration of a new bus stand today. Due to the right thinking of the Punjab government, development works worth 10 crore 16 lakh rupees have been conducted in Dharamkot constituency. He thanked the Minister for announcing the provision of a super suction machine for Dharamkot.

          He further mentioned that earlier, a fire brigade was requested for Dharamkot, and the Minister not only provided 3 vehicles but also the staff. A fire station has also been built in Dharamkot. The sewerage project costing Rs 40 crore in Kot Ise Khan will be completed soon. The foundation stone of an indoor and outdoor stadium with badminton, volleyball, and a synthetic track has also been laid at a cost of two crores in Fatehgarh Panjtur.

          The residents of Dharamkot, including the MLA, sincerely thanked the Punjab Government and Local Government and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Mr. Balkar Singh for the development work in the constituency.



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