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Mahindra Tractors’ launches six new tractors models from the Yuvo Tech+ series in Punjab

Chandigarh, (Aditi) : Mahindra Tractors’, part of Mahindra’s Farm Equipment Sector, the world’s largest tractor manufacturer by volume, today unveiled six new tractor models under the recently launched Yuvo Tech+ brand, further bolstering the tractor platform that the company introduced last year.

Mahindra Yuvo Tech+ is designed and developed at Mahindra’s Research Valley (MRV) in Chennai with world class standards, with the new tractors are powered by Mahindra Tractors’ new m-ZIP 3-cylinder and ELS 4-cylinder engine, delivering best-in-class power, torque and mileage.

Expanding the Yuvo Tech+ range, the six new models are launched in the 37 – 50 HP (27.6 – 36.7 kW) power band and come with key features such as 4-wheel drive, Dual Clutch, SLIPTO, Auxiliary Valve and 2-speed PTO which making it suitable for more than 30 agri applications.

The Yuvo Tech + range comes with 12F (forward) + 3R (reverse) transmission technology, with Dual Clutch and 4WD, with a 3-speed option (H-M-L) for optimal performance based on different soil types and agri applications. With high precision control valves, and best-in-class lift capacity of up to 1700 kg, the new range can handle heavy implements with ease & precision. The SLIPTO feature enables easy of operations for implements like balers.

Mahindra Tractors launched the 275 Yuvo Tech+, 405 Yuvo Tech+ & 415 Yuvo Tech+ with the 3-cylinder m-ZIP engine, and the 475 Yuvo Tech+, 575 Yuvo Tech+ & 585 Yuvo Tech+ with the 4 Cylinder ELS engine.

Speaking about the launch, Hemant Sikka, President – Farm Equipment Sector, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. said, “The Yuvo Tech+ delivers on its brand promise of Technology Mein No.1, Har Kam Mein No. 1 resonating well with Mahindra Farm Equipment Sector’s purpose of Transform Farming and Enriching lives. With the farmer embracing newer technologies to drive speed and efficiency, the Yuvo Tech+, is the most advanced and versatile tractor offering in its segment and is developed to deliver a winning formula of productivity, comfort and savings for better earnings for the Indian farmer. With this launch, we are confident that these products from the Yuvo Tech+ series will further cement our leadership position in the tractor market.”

Key Features & benefits of the new Mahindra Yuvo Tech + tractor range:

· Engine – Technology aisi jo Power aur Mileage me ho No.1 – advanced & powerful 3-cylinder m-ZIP engine & 4 Cylinder ELS engine

· High back up torque – Works well even with sudden change of load without changing gear

· High max torque – Pulls a variety of applications with minimum rpm drop 197 Nm

· Best-in-class PTO power – Longer operating hours and quicker turnaround with large implements 33.9 kW (45.5 HP)

· Best-in-class mileage – Saves fuel cost

· Parallel engine cooling – Ensures stall free long working hours

Transmission: Technology aisi jo speed options mein ho No.1

· 12 Forward + 3 Reverse – multiple speed options for ease of working

· H-M-L speed range – better speed options over any other tractor

· Reliable and Durable Planetary reduction – longer life

· Helical Gear for high load carrying capacity

· Full Constant mesh transmission – smooth Gear Shift & True Side shift.

Hydraulics: Technology aisi jo sateek hydraulics me ho No.1.

· Hi-Precision control valve – for uniform depth

· Enhanced lift capacity – works with tougher implements, up to 1700 kg

· Quick lowering and lifting of implements

Comfort: Technology aisi jo driving comfort me ho No.1

· Side shift gear – car like comfort

· Best-in-class Ergonomics

· Dual acting balanced power steering – comfortable driving

+Plus: Other Technology features

· 6 years warranty

· Better service interval (400 Hours) – Fewer visits to the service center

· Factory fitted tipping trailer pipe

· 4WD - More power to all four tyres. More tractor & less wear of tyres. Mechanical seal to avoid water entry in transmission, especially during puddling

· Dual Clutch: separate Main clutch and PTO clutch. CRPTO and RCRPTO prevents choking & helpful in multiple farm operations

· SLIPTO: Single Lever Independent PTO provides ease of operations

· 540 Economy PTO helps run at lower RPM & helps in fuel saving