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Make your home a pilgrimage by leading a life of discipline and restraint - Vijay Kaushal Maharaj

Governor of Jharkhand attends Ram Katha at Punjab Raj Bhawan; Sought blessings for the happiness and prosperity of the people of his State

Chandigarh, (Gurpreet) On the fourth day of the ongoing recital of Sri Ram Katha by Sh Vijay Kaushal ji Maharaj at Punjab Raj Bhavan, the Governor of Jharkhand Sh. Ramesh Bais was the chief guest. He attended the Katha and sought blessings for the happiness and prosperity of the people of Jharkhand.

The Chief Guest was welcomed by the Governor of Punjab, Banwarilal Purohit. He bowed down to Vyaspeeth, laid flowers on Ramcharitra Manas and greeted Sh Vijay Kaushal ji Maharaj.

The Governor of Jharkhand, congratulated all the officers and employees including Governor Punjab for successfully organizing Ram Katha at Punjab Raj Bhawan. Expressing gratitude he said that I am fortunate that I have got the opportunity to listen to this discourse.

He said that Lord Rama was an ideal son, ideal husband, ideal brother, ideal friend, ideal disciple and ideal king. Referring to the devotion of Shabari, he said that God had to bow before Shabari's truth and love. He said that Ramayana teaches us how to live a better life. So we should imbibe the ideals of Shri Ram. “Ramayana / Shri Ramcharitra Manas give a glimpse into the soul of India,” said he.

Referring to Tretayug, Satyug and Kaliyug, Sant Shri Vijay Kaushal said that as the constitution is amended from time to time, the rules of each era also change. In today's era there is no need to leave home and live in the forest to seek God. Visit pilgrimage places as much as possible, recite hymns ,worship, eat simple and make your home a pilgrimage while leading a life of rule and restraint. Instead of leaving home in old age, stop interfering in the household and encourage children and be supportive to them.

Creating an atmosphere of great joy and gaiety in the fourth day of Sri Ram Katha, Shri Vijay Kaushal ji Maharaj presented the story of Shri Ram's birth.

Mr. Som Prakash, Mr. Tikshan Sood (both former ministers), Mayor of Chandigarh Mrs. Sarabjati Kaur and other dignitaries and a large number of devotees were present on the fourth day of the Katha.

Governor of Himachal Pradesh Shri Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar will be the chief guest on the fifth day of Shri Ram Katha .