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Chandigarh: The Civil Hospital in Malout has earned an 'A' grade from the Health Department for its exemplary treatment of a higher number of patients.

Minister of Social Security, Women and Child Development and Social Justice, Empowerment and Minorities Dr. Baljit Kaur, highlighted that Malout's Civil Hospital excelled in various aspects, including check-ups, ultrasound, medical tests, and X-rays, surpassing other government hospitals. She attributed the increased confidence in government hospitals to the improved health facilities provided by the Punjab government.

Dr. Baljit kaur further noted a rising number of patients seeking treatment at government hospitals, with Malot's Civil Hospital surpassing the District Hospital of Sri Muktsar Sahib, particularly in serving pregnant women. The hospital in Malout offers comprehensive health facilities, with an average of 450-500 patients visiting the OPD daily. The hospital conducts about 40 X-rays, over 800 lab tests and 20-25 ultrasounds each day.

Providing statistics for January 2024, Cabinet Minister mentioned that Civil Hospital Malout served 10,430 patients in the OPD, 890 in the IPD, with various medical tests and procedures performed.

Minister said the presence of specialist doctors at Civil Hospital Malout, benefit people from 25 surrounding villages. The hospital  receiving Rs 6.98 crore from user charges and earning over Rs 6 lakh monthly.

Acknowledging the hard work of the entire staff, the Cabinet Minister praised their efforts for achieving the 'A' grade at Civil Hospital Malout.



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