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Mayor inaugurates toilet blocks at Market in sector 21

Chandigarh: City Mayor Sh. Anup Gupta on Saturday inaugurated a toilet block in the Market of Sector 21 here today in the presence of office bearers and members of the area Market welfare Association and Market committee of sector 21.

Renovated at a cost of ₹18.30 lakh in the market, the toilet block has facilities for children and transgender also besides provision of sanitary pads and sanitary incinerator in the ladies toilet blocks for scientific disposal of sanitary pads.

Speaking on the occasion, the Mayor said all toilet blocks in markets and parks were Geotagged and could be located through Google Maps. He said that QR codes have been provided at each block and can be scanned to report any problem, such as sewerage blockage, water leakage and missing taps.

The Mayor said under the Swachh Bharat Mission and following the parameters of Water Plus, all the old toilet blocks are being revamped by adding more facilities and modern plumbing accessories.


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