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Meeting Held to Address Concerns of Christian Minorities in Chandigarh

Chandigarh: A crucial meeting was convened today to discuss the upliftment and eradication of the sense of insecurity prevailing within the Christian community in Chandigarh. The meeting was chaired by the Honorable Chairman, Shri Iqbal Singh Lallpura, representing the National Commission for Minorities, Government of India. 

 Organized by the National Commission for Minorities in association with St. Stephen's School, under the guidance of Founder Director Mr. Harold Carver, the meeting saw active participation from representatives of Christian educational institutions and religious leaders. The agenda of the meeting centered on addressing grievances and implementing measures to uplift and empower the Christian community in Chandigarh. Key discussions revolved around strategies to eradicate the sense of insecurity prevalent among Christian minorities and to foster a more inclusive and supportive environment. Arnus Masih, serving as the Advisor and Expert Panelist for the National Commission for Minorities, played a pivotal role as the coordinator of the event. 

The expert panelists from the National Commission for Minorities provided valuable insights and guidance during the discussions. Fr. Regi Tom from the Don Bosco Church served as the coordination associate, facilitating smooth proceedings throughout the meeting. In his remarks, Arnus Masih emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts between the government and community stakeholders in addressing concerns and fostering a sense of security and empowerment among the Christian minorities in Chandigarh. 

 The meeting concluded with a commitment to establish a dedicated committee in Chandigarh, in association with the National Commission for Minorities, to address grievances and implement measures for the upliftment of the Christian community.



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