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Model Jail Chandigarh becomes country’s first Jail to be ‘Net Zero Conventional Electricity Consumer

Model Central Jail, Sector-51, Chandigarh has now become self-reliant and meets all its energy requirements through solar power with a total Capacity of 710 kWp (On- Site Solar Power Plant installation of 360kWp under the net metering arrangement and Off-Site Solar Power Plant installation of 350kWp at Outer parking area under Virtual Net-Metering). Earlier 150kWp SPV Power was installed under the Net Metering arrangement and 350kWp Solar Plant under the virtual Net Metering arrangement.

The Inauguration of the 350kWp SPV Power Plant was done by Sh. Dharam Pal, Adviser to Administrator U.T. Chandigarh on 22.04.2022. During inauguration, the Adviser to Administrator and Chairman, CREST had directed CREST & Jail Authorities to make the Model Central Jail "Net Zero". Thereafter, CREST installed an additional 210kWp Solar Power Plant under a Net Metering arrangement to make Model Central jail "Net Zero". Now complete electricity requirement of Model Central Jail is being fulfilled through Solar Power Plants i.e. Clean and Green Energy.

Now Model Jail Chandigarh is first Jail in the country which is "Net Zero Conventional Electricity Consumer".

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