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"Modi Ka Parivar" name plates are back at Maloya houses

Chandigarh: A few days after "Modi Ka Parivar" name plates were removed from houses of Maloya residents, Chandigarh BJP President Jitender Pal Malhotra today led a foot march of local residents across the entire village raising slogans of "Har Har Modi, Ghar Ghar Modi" to start installing the name plates again.

In the hands of people were the banners of 'I am Modi Parivar' and 'We are Modi Parivar'.

A large number of Maloya residents joined the padyatra carrying BJP flags. This follows a controversy that had come to light in the same village over the removal of name plates of "Modi Ka Parivar" on houses and private properties by the Municipal Corporation with the help of the police administration.

Such name plates have again been started to be installed on the private properties of the houses from which these name plates were removed.

It was today started by BJP President Jitender Pal Malhotra. People were also excited about the fact that this time the BJP state president had come here to install name plates outside their houses.

People welcomed the BJP leaders and workers with full warmth. On this occasion, people said, they had installed the name plates of "Modi Ka Parivar" on their own free will, but don't know why the Municipal Corporation removed them.

After the name plates were installed again today, people said, "Whether the name plates are installed or removed for any reason, the Prime Minister of the country,

Narendra Modi, is in our heart. And we are satisfied with the development work done by him for the country and wants that this time BJP reached the Lok Sabha by winning more seats than its target in the elections and gave impetus to the work to be done for the people of the country."

On this occasion, BJP President  Malhotra and General Secretary Amit Jindal said, "The crowd that has gathered in the padyatra today is the strength of Modiji. Seeing this strength, the opposition is shaken and since the election bugle has been sounded, it is hatching conspiracies to defame the BJP by adopting various tactics."

The BJP chief further, said, "The people of the country have made up their mind to bring the Modi government for the third term. Now, we are eagerly waiting for voting. I not only have hope, but am confident that this time the people of the country will contribute significantly to BJP's victory on more than 400 seats."

He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the residents of Maloya.

State Secretary Sanjeev Rana, Ramesh Sohar, State Spokesperson Vijay Rana, District President Ravi Rawat, Vice President Raj Kumar Rana, Yuva Morcha President Mahkaveer Singh, Divisional President Krishna Garg, Women's Wing General Secretary Rekha Sood, Amit Mishra, Rajiv Pandey, Pradeep Kumar, Brijendra Kumar. Ashish Choudhary, Harishankar Mishra, Sanjay Bihari, Shobhit Kumar and other officials and BJP workers were present.



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