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Modi, Shah abandoned Tandon after learning, he was losing: Tewari

CHANDIGARH: The INDIA bloc candidate Manish Tewari today said that after coming to know that the BJP candidate Sanjay Tandon was badly losing from Chandigarh, both the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the union Home Minister Amit Shah cancelled their campaign meetings in Chandigarh.

Tewari pointed out, for the last few elections, the BJP has made it a point that Mr Modi or Mr Shah compulsorily campaign in Chandigarh for their party candidate. 

However, he said, he learnt that both senior BJP leaders cancelled their Chandigarh tour at the last minute, as they did not want to be seen as campaigning for someone who was losing badly by a margin of over one lakh votes. 

Tewari also blasted the BJP leader Piyush Goyal’s lie that he (Tewari) did not vote in 2019. “I very much voted in 2019 and I will very much in 2024 also”, he asserted.

The senior Congress leader maintained that the BJP had scored a big “zero” on performance. “Even the most incompetent student scores a few marks, but the BJP scored just a big zero”, he remarked, while referring to BJP’s zero achievements in regard to its manifesto. 


Reiterates Delhi pattern free power, free water 

The INDIA bloc candidate reiterated his commitment that once he is elected and the alliance forms government at the centre, the people of Chandigarh will get 300 units of free electricity and 20,000 liters of water free of cost every month.


Left parties announce support for Tewari

Various left parties today announced their unanimous support for the INDIA bloc candidate Manish Tewari. They have appealed to their cadres to ensure that they come out to vote for the INDIA bloc candidate to save the constitution and democracy in the country.

The parties include the Communist Party of India, the Communist Party of India-Marxist, the Communist Party of India-ML(Liberation) and the Revolutionary Socialist Party.



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