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“Most people don’t know the purpose of their lives. So they run after worldly possessions.”

Chandigarh, (Gurpreet) : These are not only wise words. They are also at once comforting and encouraging. Insights such as these do not come easily to most people. They certainly did not come easily to Avyakta ji. After all, he did give up everything in his life. From a promising career to his own home. He left it all behind and went on to live in the Himalayas. All so that he could continue his pursuit of the truth. To quote the man himself, “When you are on the path of truth, some things in life will get left behind. And you will find some others. Contentment, peace. You will find them. You will know them.”

Avyakta ji's life has been a profound search, and in turn, a commitment to life's ultimate truths. He distilled decades of this search into simple, thought-provoking words on the latest edition of TRUTHtalks, hosted by Mr Vallabh Bhanshali, the founder himself.

Avyakta ji is a scholar, a writer, a meditator, and a seeker. He has studied the lives of such eminent people as Tolstoy, Mahatma Gandhi, Vinoba Bhave, Lord Buddha, Swami Vivekananda, Sant Kabir and many others. Each of these people have been champions of the truth, of love, and of compassion. And Avyakta ji follows the same path. In the latest TRUTHtalk, he said, “The truth cannot exist without love and compassion. When you find this truth in every living being, you will also find love and compassion for them, and for yourself.”

During the course of the talk, he spoke at length about the importance of living a life filled with gratitude, a life that causes no harm to others. Because he truly believes that such a life is also a reflection of the true nature of humans, of humanity itself. In his own words, “We often want so much. But we don’t even know what we will do once we get all those things that we have been running after.”

He also shared his thoughts on why we all need an aim, a goal, a purpose in our lives. And that without these, we will always be in search of futile things. We will always be discontented with what we already have. He tells us how to find our purpose as well. And how once we find it, we also find true inner peace.

Avyakta ji also went beyond just our individual truths in this deeply moving interview. “Don’t let your own aggressions be transferred to your children,” he appealed to parents. Instead, he asked parents to open up to their children, and vice versa. To share the mistakes they have made, to share the learnings they have had, to share the joys, the sorrows, the little things in life with each other. All with truth, all with compassion.

This has been merely a hint at all the wisdom packed into 35 minutes of unadulterated enlightenment that was a TRUTHtalk with Avyakta ji. Speaking about this interview, Mr Bhanshali said, “We are honoured by the presence of Avyakta ji whose pure and powerful thoughts and words will definitely leave a mark on the viewers. We believe that his unusual story and extraordinary wisdom will move them to a happier life. We invite everyone to watch the talk and also join the TRUTHtalks community via www.truthtalks.in.”

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