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MOU between Health Department of Chandigarh Administration and Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital Mullanpur

MOU between Health Department of Chandigarh Administration and Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital & Research Centre, Mullanpur, Punjab (A unit of Tata Memorial Centre)

Dr. Dharampal, Adviser to Administrator Chandigarh held a meeting with the Director of the Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital & Research Centre, Mullanpur, Punjab and Officers of the Health Department Chandigarh which resulted in the

collaboration between Hospital/Medical College of Chandigarh Administration and the Tata Memorial Centre to mutually train the young students/ Post Graduate from these Hospitals/Medical College/Centre.

Further to mutually exchange their expertise/facilities for comprehensive cancer screening, early detection & treatment and special cancer awareness.

Shri Banwari Lal Purohit, Administrator Chandigarh approved for signing of an MOU between the Health Department of Chandigarh Administration and Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital & Research Centre, Punjab (A unit of Tata Memorial Centre). today.

With this initiative various objectives would be achieved like providing technical support to the Health Services, Chandigarh Administration

• Technical support to Chandigarh Administration in improving cancer care services across the Chandigarh.

• Enhancing/ improving Hospital Based Cancer Registry and Population based cancer registries in Chandigarh.

• Human resource capacity building and Training of Public health workers from various departments for Cancer prevention & Cancer management across Chandigarh with financial support of the Chandigarh Administration.

• Establishment of Preventive Oncology Service at Hospitals and medical colleges in Chandigarh in phase wised manner, wherever required.

• Enhancing/ improving Palliative care Service at various Government run Hospitals in phase wise manner.

B) To set up patient referral system for cancer patients for further management at HBCH&RC, New Chandigarh

i. Health Department, Chandigarh Administration will facilitate the use of infrastructure of Government Health Institutes, as deemed appropriate by the Second Party for conducting on-site training programs as mentioned under this MOU.

ii. The department shall depute students and staff from various departments for training at HBCHRC, New Chandigarh, Punjab.

iii. Instruct to post postgraduate students from various specialities for brief training in the hospital.

iv. Instruct to post senior nurses from various government hospitals to obtain oncology training at this hospital.

v. Health Department will provide a virtual platform to carry out virtual training on cancer surveillance, cancer prevention, treatment and tobacco awareness for Health Services staff.

They will also give inputs to training manuals and IEC material developed by HBCH&RC.

vi. They will plan and

enhance Population/ Hospital Based Cancer Registry at all government run hospitals with the technical support from HBCH&RC, Punjab in a Phase wise manner.

vii. Health Department, Chandigarh Administration will enhance Cancer Day Care facility for basic Oncology Surgery and the administration of chemotherapy drugs to the cancer patients at various hospitals, wherever required.

viii. Will depute Nodal person for communications with HBCH&RC, New Chandigarh.

i. HBCH&RC will provide single person of contact from HBCH&RC, Punjab to the Health Department, Chandigarh Administration for smooth coordination.

ii. HBCH&RC, Punjab will provide technical assistant in establishment of cancer hospitals that are planned in Chandigarh with regards to preparation of DPR, Purchase of Equipment, Manpower planning and related activities.

iii. HBCH&RC will provide technical support for training and capacity building of Health Services staff for the Surveillance, Early Detection, Screening, Prevention and Treatment of Cancer and follow up after primary treatment.

iv. HBCH&RC, Punjab shall provide technical support to achieve the objectives of NPCDCS, NPPC, NOHP and NTCP program.

v. HBCH&RC, Punjab shall assist state Health Department in Gap Analysis and in submission of reports to Health Department, Chandigarh Administration to establish Preventive Oncology, Palliative Care, Day Care centre (chemotherapy) and Surgical Oncology services at government run Hospitals.

vi. HBCH&RC, Punjab shall provide technical support for virtual / onsite training on cancer and tobacco control programs for the health services staff with prior permission from Health Department, Chandigarh Administration.

vii. HBCH&RC, Punjab shall give in house training to nominated medical officers /staff nurses of the Health Department, Chandigarh Administration at HBCH&RC, Punjab. The duration of training will be 02 to 06 months. The accommodation, food facility and daily allowance charges of the health services staff will be borne by the first party.

It is expected with the mutual co-operation of these organisations/ establishment; the UT Chandigarh will be able to screen the larger population for early detection of cancer and to provide better patient care.



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