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“Nakul Dev made Haryana based film “Before I Die” enters from Haryana at International Film Festival

Chandigarh (Aditi) Film is the most powerful medium to express emotions. They not only

entertain but also leave a strong impression in people’s mind. “Before I

Die” is a film of that league. This 24 minutes long film, made by Haryana

based filmmaker Nakul Dev is the lone entry from Haryana in “Documentary

Films” category at the forthcoming “International Film Festival of

India” being organized from 20th to 28th Nov 2020 at Goa whose entries

closed today.

Nakul Dev is a professional film maker with several professional films

to his credit in last 17 years after his course in Film Making from Bhartiya

Vidya Bhawan. He makes films mostly on social issues and has won many

National and international accolades. His feature film ‘BLUE MOUNTAINS’

won “Golden Elephant” award as best film from Asia in 2017. His other films

that won acclaim are “ NAXALITES OF CHATTISGARH”(2019), “IN THE

NAME OF LOVE” that covers sensitive issue like ‘Love Jihad’ and “AASMA”

(2019) that features true life story of a Kashmiri Girl , “AKHNOOR” a short

film on Terrorism in Kashmir, and “AIDS SE MUKTI” made for Haryana

Govt in 2007. Despite being for so long on Mumbai, he has retained his love

for socially relevant local issues which he films with great sensitivity and


For ages, Indian society has been struggling with the issue of a

SWACHHTA without any long-term solution. “Before I Die” is a film that

searches the context of the life journey of Dr Ramji Jaimal, a “FLOWER

MAN OF INDIA”, a great soul from Darbi village in Sirsa Haryana has

found a way out that has changed things forever in thousands of schools

and public places of Haryana, Punjab, Himachal, U.P., Uttarakhand,

Rajasthan, Delhi and Chandigarh. The story started 13 years ago at the

Government school in his village whose outer boundary wall was the

receptacle of village litter that used to cause a stink so strong that students

in the classes barely 20 feet away just could not study. Dr Ramji, who had

always been a social reformer along with his friends, removed the litter but

the waste kept coming back, till he decided to plant flower saplings on that

200 feet long roadside. At that time villagers opposed him saying that he

was using public place for private purpose of growing flowers, but after 4

months when the flowers blossomed, the are was full of fragrance and lo

and behold there was no litter in that bed area and the school children were

full of grateful smiles. Also, the trees on the site were growing in full

blossom a they received clean plentiful water. This he fund as the “Way to


That is when Dr Ramji decided that he would dedicate his life to

distribute “Flower saplings” free to Public institutions and empower them

to get rid of litter around their institutions. Starting from 20000 saplings in

2003 his NGO AAPSI has now grown to distribute 12 Crore saplings annually

today from 3 places. The movement is growing and many local members

are distributing saplings sourced from his seeds at places as far away as

Jalalbad, Fazilka, Jind and Karnal. Dr Ramji, a remains a humble farmer

whose house is still needing repairs and kitchen is still kachha, but the

fragrance spread by him and his NGO AAPSI has healed lakhs of souls and

brought smiles to them besides making areas clean forever. So much so

that neighboring Hissar Distt , where almost all schools have been covered

by his flower saplings, has featured in the top ten cleanest schools district

sin the country in Swachhta Sarvekshan.

This film is about the Vision this man Dr Ramji has about his area

that the place should be so fragrant that peacocks come and stay in that

area, before his death. The film “Before I die” took three years to make and

has musical score sung by Dr Ramji himself in his melodious voice whose

unsung story has been brought to the fore by filmmaker Nakul Dev and his

team in a path breaking effort said Sunil K Gulati IAS Additional Chief

Secretary, Haryana in an online press conference held today.