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NeVA technology will make legislative processes more accessible to common people: Sandhwan

Chandigarh: The National e-Vidhan Application will make legislative processes more accessible to the general public, and the live telecast of the House proceedings will promote accountability and confidence in the democratic process, said the Vidhan Sabha Speaker S. Kultar Singh Sandhwan.

Disclosing this further details on the last day of the two-day National e-Vidhan Application (Neva) organising at the Punjab Vidhan Sabha, S. Sandhwan said that officials of the Punjab Vidhan Sabha were given training about the use of new digital technology during the five sessions program.

S. Sandhwan said that during this training sessions, the special training was given to officials on the working of Punjab Vidhan Sabha's notice office, notice section and digital schedule, question branch and translation branch, online house committee module of the committees of the Vidhan Sabha, etc. He said now all the business of the Vidhan Sabha including questionnaire session, responses to notices, bills, pending reports, online agendas and documents etc.

Stating that the NeVA app will streamline legislative processes and reduce paperwork, Sandhwan said that it delivers documents digitally to lawmakers that will save time as well as increase overall efficiency. He said that NeVA reduces the cost related to printing, distribution and storage of physical documents, which is an effective step in environmental unfriendliness.

The Speaker further said that NeVA facilitates continuous collaboration between MLAs and also encourages document collection, sharing of ideas and participation in the legislative process. He said that Punjab Vidhan Sabha has now become a digital Punjab Vidhan Sabha and now the overall work will be paperless. He said that under this new technology, along with the use of e-Vidhan Sabha Constituency Management, all MLAs will also be able to use it as a platform to solve the legitimate problems of their constituencies quickly.

On the concluding day of NeVA conference-cum-workshop, Punjab Vidhan Sabha Secretary Mr. Ram Lok Khatana thanked the members of the training team,under Secretary, the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, GOI Mr. Mukesh Kumar, Senior Director (IT) NIC Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, Assistant Director (IT) NIC Ms. Preeti Yadav, Program Manager Mr. Sameer Varshne and System Analyst Punjab Vidhan Sabha Mr. Sujit Kumar.



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