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New Mineral Policy to curb illegal mining: Chief Minister

To curb illegal mining and boost revenue, the State Government has recently approved a new Mineral Policy for the year 2024. Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu said here today that the new policy emphasizes on use of scientific and mechanical techniques for extraction of mineral wealth, while ensuring adequate safeguards for the preservation of environment and ecology.


"The Mineral Policy-2024 would promote sustainable mining practices and increase employment opportunities for the people of the State," he stated. Besides, it will also ensure transparent and efficient governance and for this an integrated online portal would be developed to regulate mining activities and streamline procedures.

"The policy underscores our commitment to maximize revenue for the state while cracking down on illegal mining activities and safeguard the mineral wealth of the state and foster a conducive environment for extraction of mineral assets using scientific means," said Sh. Sukhu. The government would recruit 80 mining guards in the Department of Industries for effective implementation of the policy, he remarked.

Apart from this, Sh. Sukhu said that the government's efforts to generate revenue from its existing resources were yielding positive results as a result of which, an additional amount of Rs. 2200 crore has been generated. The auction-cum-tender process adopted for the liquor vends were paying off well to add to the revenue of the State. "The government will continue such auctions of liquor vends in future, building on the success of previous initiatives," he remarked.



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