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Chandigarh: In India, there is no policy to send people abroad neither any law to send people on immigration, study, visitor visa. The Indian Foreign Ministry has only made an act for the recruitment of contractual workers abroad. There are numerous unauthorized agents who are giving visa services like study visa, immigration visa, visitor visa under the name of education consultancy services and IELTS coaching centres in Haryana, Punjab and elsewhere in India (without having any licence or certification from the concerned foreign govt.).

This information was provided by Dr. Arvind Kumar Kadian, MD of KAD Immigration Services. He is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants as well as an Immigration Consultant registered and licensed by the regulatory body of the Government of Canada. He is also an ICEF Certified International Student Recruiter. Dr. Kadian had been the Associate Professor in the Govt. College, Karnal for the long time and also served as the Principal of Govt. College, Assandh, Haryana. He is spreading an awareness campaign to save the youth from the clutches of unauthorized consultants. He was addressing a press conference at Chandigarh. He said that the youths are being duped on a large scale by a large number of unauthorized consultants in the name of sending them abroad, it is a serious matter. According to a report, every day five people in the country fall prey to it. More than a dozen complaints are registered daily but very few get punishment. According to an estimate lac of students from India go abroad for study. The people get trapped in the clutches of unauthorized agents due to lack of reliable services. In Haryana and Punjab, in the name of Donkey visa, dozens of youths died because of illegal immigration. In Haryana, there is only he and one or two others who are practising as the Immigration Consultants registered by the Canadian govt.

He said that a number of RTIS are being filed to Foreign Ministry, Home department, Director General of Police, Haryana to know the criteria to grant licence to practice immigration services like study visa, immigration visa, visitor visa but no satisfactory reply is received. Whatever information is received is that there is no policy to regulate the immigration services in Haryana, Punjab and elsewhere in India. Dr. Kadian said that as per the information received, there is no policy or law to regulate the immigration companies in India.

What External affairs ministry says is that only the concerned foreign govt. regulatory body or agencies which gives immigration licence to practice. The Ministry does not issue any license to the agents giving visa & counselling services like immigration visa, study visa, visitor visa in the state of Haryana or any part of the country. To remove the confusion, the govt should declare the list of consultants practicing in India who are authorized by the concerned foreign govt.

To give a licence to practice immigration is the subject matter of the concerned foreign govt. The foreign nations have their own rules & regulations for the licence given to the only those persons who take immigration law courses and sit in the certification (licence exam) and it is only after passing of this immigration law exam and taking certification test that they are allowed to practice visa services (concerning the foreign country) anywhere in the world. But the state govts. are not aware of this fact. The irony of the situation is that in India anyone can start the visa counselling/immigration agency without being certified (after passing the immigration law/practice exam) by the concerned foreign govt.

The IELTS & other coaching institutes have mushroomed everywhere, and they are doing the practice of filing visa applications without any authorization or licence or certification from the concerned foreign govt./country which is totally illegal. In legal terminology, these people are known as ghost or unauthorized consultants.

The state govts. should make a policy and regulate that no one should be allowed to practice in India without a licence or certification from the concerned foreign govt. as immigration is not the subject matter of the centre or state govts. As per rules, policy, procedures of any foreign govt. it is an offence punishable by law for someone to provide immigration advice for a fee or other consideration without being licensed by the concerned foreign govt. To save the innocent people and particularly youth from the frauds committed by ghost consultants/unauthorised agents, the state govts, should introduce the following in the policy: *to make it mandatory to have a licence or certification from the concerned foreign govt. if someone wants to practice immigration services (like study visa, immigration visa, visitor visa etc.). *our govt. has only to assure that no one is allowed to practice without having a licence/certification from the concerned foreign nation. to restrain the coaching centres also from providing the visa counselling services (let them be only confined to coaching, stop them from displaying advertisement regarding visa services).


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