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Pawan Bansal raised voice in support of the rights of traders in Northern Sector 7, 26, 10 & industrial area

 Accuses  BJP of merely showing support for traders, using excuses in the name of the governor.

Bansal opposed the sealing of seven food outlets in recent days ;instead of allowing need-based changes in Sector 7, 26, Northern sectors, and Industrial area. He highlighted the transformation of these areas into food streets and dire need to allow need based changes like Covering of back courtyard, which he believes should be included in need-based changes and approved.

He criticized the administration for not bringing conversion policies to promote business growth, new investments, and youth employment. He said   that due to the strict policies of the current administration, traders and businessmen are leaving Chandigarh, causing an exodus to Panchkula and Mohali.

Bansal accused the BJP of superficially supporting traders but finding excuses in the name of the Governor, although he emphasized that the Governor is also part of the same system. He criticized the government's failure to fulfill its promises of Govt jobs for the youth as promised and hindering youth employment opportunities in the private sector by not approving need-based changes in policies. He also highlighted that Sector 7 and 26 Food street provides employment to thousands of youth .



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