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Chandigarh: In a yet another significant move towards ‘Digital Punjab’ as envisioned by Chief Minister S Bhagwant Singh Mann, Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA) has launched a web portal for monitoring the Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) in the state.

Punjab New and Renewable Energy Sources Minister Mr. Aman Arora said that all Obligated Entities (OEs) including Distribution Companies (DISCOMS), Captive Power Plants (CPP) and Open Access (OA) consumers are required to register and furnish RPO compliance data on

The RPO portal has been developed as a systematic database of information on Obligated Entities, which will indicate whether the RPO targets are being met or not, and any non-compliance will be brought to the regulator’s attention for necessary action, Mr Aman Arora added.

With the expansion of renewable energy sector, Dr Amarpal Singh, CEO-PEDA, said that there is an increase in the number of entities which have the obligation of RPO fulfilment.

Now, users can submit their consumption data, upload relevant documents and submit compliance reports on self-generated plants and energy procured with a detailed breakup of conventional and renewable energy sources, he added.

Dr Amarpal Singh said that the creation of the web portal will also benefit in necessary data collection, stakeholder communication, setting targets and generating periodic reports. It will enhance transparency in the RPO compliance process.

The web portal will be based on user authentication, the CEO said while adding that the portal will also have a directory of approvers for authorised approvals in advance, he added.



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