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People of all castes of the country should participate in the Sarvajati Sansad on 24th February with their demands: Ramesh Dalal

Chandigarh: Talking to journalists in the press conference held at Chandigarh Press Club on Friday, social worker and farmer leader Ramesh Dalal appealed to the people of all castes of Haryana and the country to attend the Mahapanchayat to be held at the toll plaza at KMP Mandothi-Asoda on 24 February 2024 and protest regarding their demands so that their voice could reach the government. He said that people in Haryana and the entire country are not getting the facilities like some states, due to which this Mahapanchayat has been organized to fight for their rights.

He said that his main demands were 

1. Dissolution of endogamy marriage.

2. Providing SYL water from Punjab to Haryana and establishing a separate High Court.

3. Honoring Chaudhary Charan Singh (former Prime Minister) and Tau Devi Lal (Deputy Prime Minister) with Bharat Ratna Award, poets should demand like Lakhmi Chand. Establishing a university in the name of Ram, poet Jat Mehar Singh Dahiya, poet Baje Bhagat (barber) and poet Dhanpat Rai (Mirasi)

4. Cleaning the water of Yamuna river and giving it for irrigation in Faridabad, Mewat and Palwal districts 

5. Inclusion of Jat, Bishnoi, Jatt Sikh, Rod, Tyagi, Mula Jatt etc. communities in OBC reservation and cancellation of cases filed against persons of all castes in the 2016 movement. 

6. Allocation of Rs 50 crore to both Sir Chhotu Ram Museum and Rao Tularam Memorial for development and deciding the annual budget. 

7. Declaring Dabwali, Gohana, Uchana and Hansi as districts.

8. Matters related to land and farmers -:

Making appropriate amendments in the Haryana Amended Land Act 2013, so that farmers could get four times more compensation than the market price.

In the proposed land pooling policy, giving more land to the farmer than the proposed developed land.

Like other national highways, Compensation should be given double than the market value for the land along KMP 152-D, 754-K and Amritsar-Katra Expressway. Currently, paltry little compensation has been given for this land.

Drafting a new law in the interest of farmers regarding high tension power lines, so that farmers could get appropriate compensation if their land is damaged.

Making arrangements for draining the standing water in the fields of Haryana including Sonipat (Jatwada) and giving appropriate compensation.

This also includes reducing bank interest on Kisan Credit Card and waiving off the existing loan of farmers etc.

The farmer leader said that when reservation could be given to the Jats of Delhi and Rajasthan, then why is it not being given to the Jats of Haryana. He appealed to all the countrymen to reach the Mahapanchayat on time. On this occasion, a large number of farmers from Haryana including Pavitra June, Jai Prakash, Vinod Phogat, Ishwar Singh, Surender Chatera, Dr. Rakesh, Yogesh, Kavinder, Sonu were present with him.



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