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Prime Minister Narendra Modi writes to Tandon, congratulates him in advance for a 'triumphant victory'

Chandigarh: Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauded the exemplary service spirit exhibited by BJP candidate for Chandigarh Lok sabha seat Sanjay Tandon, acknowledging his significant contributions towards social welfare and political leadership. In a heartfelt letter addressed to Tandon, Prime Minister Modi extended his congratulations in advance for what he believes will be a triumphant victory in the upcoming elections. Expressing utmost confidence in Tandon's ability to secure a parliamentary seat with resounding public support, Modi emphasized the pivotal role Tandon's participation will play in shaping India's trajectory towards becoming a developed nation by 2047.

Highlighting Tandon's commendable endeavors in social service, particularly his initiatives aimed at providing educational support to underprivileged students, Prime Minister Modi underscored the profound impact of Tandon's familial legacy steeped in a tradition of public service. Modi in his letter commended contributions of Sanjay Tandon's father Late Balramji Das Tandon to the freedom movement and the establishment of Jan Sangh. 

Moreover, Prime Minister Modi reiterated his unwavering faith in the enduring bond between Tandon and the people of Chandigarh, predicting a groundswell of support and blessings that would propel Tandon to victory in the elections. In contrast to the divisive politics practiced by rival parties, Modi emphasized the inclusive and development-centric vision championed by the BJP, which resonates deeply with diverse segments of society, including the marginalized and underrepresented.

Looking ahead, Prime Minister Modi emphasized the significance of the forthcoming elections as a pivotal moment in India's journey towards realizing its aspirations of becoming a developed nation. He urged voters to exercise their franchise promptly, underscoring the transformative potential inherent in every ballot cast in support of progress and prosperity. Furthermore, Modi called upon party workers to redouble their efforts in securing victories at every polling booth, affirming his unwavering commitment to tirelessly work towards the collective goal of a developed India by 2047.

In closing, Prime Minister Modi reiterated his assurance that the BJP government would spare no effort in advancing the nation's interests, pledging to work tirelessly round-the-clock towards realizing the shared dream of a prosperous and empowered India.



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