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Chandigarh: Punjab Vidhan Sabha Speaker S. Kultar Singh Sandhwan released the book "Wah Zindagi!" penned down by young author Narinder Pal Singh Jagdeo, at his office here. The author also presented the books for the Punjab Vidhan Sabha library. Secretary Mr. Ramlok Khatana was also present on this occasion.

Commending the author for his creative initiative, S. Kultar Singh Sandhwan said that this book is an impressive accomplishment and has ability to imbue the readers with positive energy. Even in today's social media era, S. Kultar Singh Sandhwan said, the relevance of books has remained intact and especially, the books which are written keeping in mind all age groups, are more popular among the people and reaches into the audience to the largest extent.

The book, written in an engaging and unique style, presents personal experiences and examples in the form of short stories that resonate with readers and allow them to connect with the book itself.

The book is a collection of 50 articles that touch upon various aspects of life, including everyday and common topics, incidents, memories and experiences, presented in an interesting writing style. Small sentences and common vocabulary make the book accessible to the readers. As per the author, this book has the power to bring about positive changes in the lives of readers. Besides, there are many stories, incidents and anecdotes in the book that will compel readers to read it again and again.

Notably, Khanna-based author Narinder Pal Singh Jagdeo, who is currently serving as the Information and Public Relations Officer in Punjab government at Chandigarh headquarters, is well-known as a middle writer in Punjabi newspapers, His book has been published by Unistar Books Mohali and is available on Amazon in Canada.



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