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Chandigarh, (Aditi) : Punjab Water Regulation and Development Authority (PWRDA) would prove a game changer in long run for conservation and effective management of the state's critical water resources. It would further intensify the efforts of Punjab Government to solve the depleting groundwater problem as well as optimum utilization of the irrigation potential created in the state and fixing priorities for use of canal water for different purposes.

Punjab Water Resources Minister Mr. Sukhbinder Singh Sarkaria said that the authority would go a long way to solve the growing groundwater depleting problem and will definitely help out the state from the current water crisis.

To ensure development, management and conservation of water resources of the state in accordance with the Integrated State Water Plan, Mr. Sarkaria said that the authority has been mandated to issue orders and guidelines for efficient use of water and to minimize wastage or misuse of water and to promote recycling and reuse of water.

The Authority will also periodically advise the Government on policy formulation and programs, the Minister said, adding that the Authority with the adoption of the latest technologies in the water sector for detection and prevention of contamination of water and to increase water efficiency in agriculture and other sectors. As an important function, the Authority would also carry out or cause to be carried out surveys, investigations and research relating to conservation, usage and quality of water.

He said that apart from this, Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh led Punjab government had also signed an agreement with the National Water Company of Israel M/s Mekorot for formulation a Water Conservation and Management Master Plan (WCMMP) for conservation and management of water resources in the state.

Notably, Mr. Karan Avtar Singh, former Chief Secretary of Punjab, has been appointed as the Chairman of Punjab Water Regulation and Development Authority. Mr. Surinder Singh Kukal and Mr. Sushil Gupta are the members of the authority.



The Authority will play a pivotal role in Groundwater Utilization, Mr Sarkaria said, adding that it will issue instructions on the use of ground water for irrigation, industrial or domestic purposes. People would be encouraged to rain water harvesting and it's use for irrigation purposes. The Authority would also publish reports to disseminate scientific data and information to generate public awareness about water and its management. Drilling or digging of wells for extraction of groundwater can not be done without registration with the Authority or with such entity, as may be stipulated by the Authority. He categorically said that there will be no restriction by the authority for extraction of groundwater for drinking and domestic use.

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