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Chandigarh, (Aditi) : India is a land of hidden treasures with quaint locations spread across the length and breadth of the country, each completely distinct from the other. The rich cultural and geographical diversity of India offers travelers so many off-the-beaten track options. Explore these hidden gems with Indian Hotels Company (IHCL) hotels, ideal for an intimate getaway or a bonding vacation with family and friends.

From imbibing the peaceful and relaxing environment of Madurai to discovering the hidden coffee trails of Chikmanglur, enjoy nature at its best. Located at the top of the Pasumalai hill, the hotel in Madurai is a perfect vantage point to enjoy the picturesque views of the temple town and the Kodai hills. While at Chikmanglur, the scenic hillside resort is perched on the slopes of the Sahyadri Mountain Range with colonial styled cottages, set amidst lush greenery.

While nature trails are a great way to feel refreshed, travelers can opt for experiencing true royalty at towns such as Gwalior and Jaipur. These towns are known for their vibrant culture with unique art, music and literature as well as age-old traditions that are still practiced and preserved by the locals for generations now. Travelers can live through the bygone era while enjoying the group’s hospitality at the small authentic palace in Gwalior.

Another way to experience a slice of history is with our hotel in Ramgarh, Jaipur, a favourite getaway for Maharaja Man Singh and Mahar

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