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Royal Enfield posted a sale of 38,065 motorcycles in the month of June 2020

Chandigarh(Aditi) Royal Enfield posteda sale of 38,065motorcycles in the month of June 2020, against the sales of 58,339 motorcycles for the same month last year.

Business Update

Launch of Exclusive Apparel Range for Women

Royal Enfield announced the launch of its first-ever apparel and riding gear range, exclusively for women in India. The first concise collection is anchored by a clutch of riding jackets, trousers, gloves & helmets with a complement of t-shirts, shirts and jeans. The collection has been crafted keeping in mind the riding habits of our female customer and the varied weather conditions across the country.

Royal Enfield announces contactless sales and service initiatives

In an effort to enhance customer satisfaction and ensure maximum safety and convenience to customers, Royal Enfield has rolled out a slew of initiatives that offer Contactless Purchase and Service initiatives. Through several digital and online conveniences and ‘At-your-doorstep’ services, the aim is to provide customers with a seamless and hassle-free purchase and ownership journey. Under the Contactless Purchase option, customers can bring home their favourite Royal Enfield motorcycle without walking into a dealership. In addition to the Contactless Purchase option, for the Contactless Service initiative, Royal Enfield has deployed the Service on Wheels initiative for an end to end smooth experience for customers.

Rides and Events

Royal Enfield Slide School

The second edition of the Royal Enfield Slide School was kicked off at the Big Rock Dirt Park, Bengaluru on 20th June 2020. The event provided an opportunity for novices to learn how to slide a motorcycle on a flat-track. Flat-tracking means a group of riders racing on an oval dirt track on purpose-built motorcycles to clock the shortest time while sliding around the corners and sliding is an integral part of the same. As a part of the Royal Enfield Slide School, the participants were also trained by a team of coaches. More editions of Royal Enfield Slide School will be launched in more cities in the near future.

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