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Chandigarh (Kritika): ‘Baba Hardev Singh Ji showed us the path to lead our lives enriched with Human values’; this was observed by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj in Her tribute to Baba Hardev Singh Ji while deriving inspiration from His teachings and the life He led; in a virtual congregation on ‘Samarpan Diwas’, today. This information was given by the Sanyojak of the Branch Chandigarh.

He Said that It was in May, 2016 that Baba Hardev Singh Ji left His physical form on this fateful day. Since then, Nirankaris across the globe observe this day as ‘Samarpan Diwas’ and tributes are paid by organising congregations at all centres across the globe. This year due to the pandemic it was held in a virtual format. Explaining further, Satguru Mata Ji said that Baba Ji transformed us into true human beings. He envisioned us to lead a life full of devotion, embellished with love and being in total unison with the formless Nirankar. Mata Ji guided us all to imbibe His teachings in every moment of our lives while constantly improving upon ourselves which would be fulfilling His desires to elevate humankind and shall be a true tribute to Him. Baba Hardev Singh Ji nurtured the Sant Nirankari Mission for 36 years and worked relentlessly to bring about peace, love, amity and oneness so that humanity could co-exist peacefully. He took the Mission from 17 countries to 60 countries across all the continents so that the message of the Mission could reach all parts of the globe. Under His Divine Guidance, the Mission organised Samagams at national and international level, conducted youth symposia, regular congregations and launched community welfare schemes in coordination with the local administration. The efforts of the Mission, under His guidance, received recognition by the UN as being granted Consultative Status on their Social and Economic Council. He believed that it is through spiritual awakening only that humankind can perceive its true existence and in realm of which man made differences eradicate. Once, one rises above these differences, Oneness sets in and hatred, prejudice, enmity give in to love, peace, amity and one treads on the path of Universal Brotherhood under Fatherhood of One God. Baba Ji stood committed towards service of humanity by encouraging blood donation drives, tree plantation, cleanliness drives, health awareness camps, women empowerment programmes, vocational and career guidance centres etc. Blood donation camps began in 1986 with Baba Ji being the first to donate and thus, heralded a campaign which is still continuing and grew multifold with having our first Blood Bank, formally inaugurated by Baba Ji Himself in Vile Parle, Mumbai on 26th January 2016. Imbibing from the multitude social initiatives, the devotees stay devoted to the cause and continue in His footsteps.

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