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Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Panjab University, and Punjab State Council of Science & Technology (PSCST) have joined hands to organize a conference titled “Industry Focused Research” on 12th October 2023 at CII, Sector 31, Chandigarh. This was announced at a press conference today.

In this Conference, 60 scientists from 34 Institutes will present 75+ technologiesin order to transfer them for commercialization to Industry. These technologies are from diverse sectors like Engg, Medical devices, Pharmaceuticals, Food-processing, Automation, Materials, Agriculture etc. Through this Conference, the industry will get an opportunity to interact with the scientists of their field, a thorough discussion on each technology shall take place, and if both parties agree then in due course of time, technologies will be transferred from academia to the industry.

Speaking on the occasion, Professor RenuVig, Vice-Chancellor, Panjab University reiterated the University’s commitment to work very closely withindustry. She expressed her desire for the University to involve Industry in the innovation journey from the inception of projects.

Professor RenuVig said, “Panjab University has very recently created a new policy for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and appreciably increased the budget for patenting to move our region towards a knowledge-based economy. It is heartening to share that in this Conference,the academia is trying to understand the psychology of the industry and accordingly pitching its technologies before the industry keeping things like economic viability, Return on Investment (RoI), Market etc. in mind. Feedback from the Industry on Technologies being developed by Academia will be valuable and will assist in eventually making Technologies reach the marketplace.”

Dr P J Singh, Chairman, CII Punjab& CMD, Tynor Orthotics Limited apprised everyone that in order to stitch meaningful Industry-Academia collaborations, CII Punjab in collaboration with TEC has created several Industry-Academia clubs. In these clubs, people from industry articulate before academia their pain points on which innovation is desired to be done by Scientists of our Nation.

Dr Singh said, “As Chairman of CII Punjab, my effort has been to schedule frequent interactions between Industry and Academia. I would suggest people from Industry formally register for this Conference to get exposure to technologies that are being developed by academia. Through this Conference, we will try to channel the energy of academia towards innovations targeted to allay the pain points of the industry.”

Dr Jatinder Kaur Arora, Executive Director, Punjab State Council for Science & Technology shared in India, the private sector contributes around 40% of Gross Domestic Expenditure on R&D (GDERD) while in the developing nations, the private sector contributes around 68% of GDERD.She mentioned that the Conference is a focused endeavour to boost R&D in the private sector with deeper involvement of research institutions as well as for devising strategic mechanisms for building a Technology Transfer platform for the region.She also mentioned that PSCST would be providing facilitation support for tech transfer as well as management of Intellectual Property to all the interested industries and startups.

Professor C R Suri, Chairman, DST-Technology Enabling Centre (TEC) expressed confidence that through this Conference, in due course of time, some Technologies will eventually get transferred to the industry. He said, “It would be really satisfying to witness the Transfer of Technology (ToT) happening in this Conference from academia to Industry. Worldwide growth is being fueled by ToTs from academia to industry and now it is actually time to make this happen in our Nation”.

Er Ankush Gawri, Senior Manager, TEC articulated that innovativetechnologies will be presented at this Conference. For example,technology for testing urea in milk will be presented. Using this technology, the milk sample need not be taken to the lab but can be tested in the home itself or on the roadside (field conditions) from milk canes. Er Gawri further apprised that in this conference an ingenious acetabular liner for next-generation total hip arthroplasty will be presented that is patient-specific, defect-free and has dimensional accuracy with deviation < 10 μm.

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