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SCS Marks International Literacy Day with a Career Talk for School Students

School of Communication Studies, Panjab University marked the International Literacy Day with an enriching Career Talk event on Media & Communication at Govt. School, Sector 14 West. International Literacy Day, observed annually on September 8th, serves as a global reminder of the importance of literacy and education. Dr. Bhavneet Bhatti, Chairperson, SCS, PU informed that, “This year the theme for day is Promoting literacy for a world in transition and building sustainable societies” she added that, “keeping in mind the same we are making an effort to educate and inspire young minds by acquainting them with career opportunities in mass media.”

Dr. Bhatti along with students from SCS visited the school and conducted various fun activities besides an interactive session for students. In keeping with the spirit of this day, the Career Talk event aimed to empower students with knowledge about the exciting world of journalism and communication. Attendees had the unique opportunity to dive deep into the diverse facets of the media industry. Faculty and students from the field shared their insights and experiences, shedding light on the endless possibilities that await young minds in the realm of mass media.

Activities like ‘reporting from the field’, ‘ an RJ for one minute’ , ‘sell a product’ helped the students learn about fields of journalism, Advertising, Radio and more. Students were encouraged to ask questions, share their thoughts, and explore their interests in media and communication. Further on many fun games like ad-mad, radio jockeying and vlogging were also played. The enthusiastic participation of students and the lively exchange of ideas made the event a resounding success. Students left the event with a newfound appreciation for the world of media and communication, ready to embark on their educational journeys with renewed vigor and purpose.

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