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Selfless Service by Nirankari Devotees

Chandigarh: O.P. Nirankari, Zonal Incharge, Chandigarh Zone described that The Sant Nirankari Spiritual Complex, Samalkha, is abuzz with preparations for the 76th Annual Sant Samagam - a testament to selfless service - set to take place with grandeur on October 28, 29 and 30, 2023, in the divine presence of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj and Nirankari Rajpita Ji. This event will be the source of immense joy to devotees travelling from all corners of the world. As devotees receive this auspicious news, the global Nirankari community collectively experiences a wave of sheer enthusiasm and ecstaticness. As followers from every region come together with hearts filled with the feeling of universal brotherhood, as one extended family, seek blessings from the physical presence of the Satguru and listening to Her divine teachings. Undoubtedly, this spectacle will be an extraordinary sight, a melting pot, where people of all backgrounds, languages, religions and races rising above their differences, truly embody the message of unity.

For this sacred occasion, "Samagam," meaning a congregation of saints, devotees are preparing selflessly with complete dedication and surrenderance. The sight catches thousands of selfless souls wholeheartedly engaged in service from the break of dawn till sunset; dancing, singing and joyfully performing their duties. This exceptional scene reflects the teachings of the Sant Nirankari Mission, emphasising unity and fraternity. Children, youth and the elderly are all actively contributing with great fervor to these services. Some are leveling the grounds with filled buckets of soil while others are emptying them. Even the little children are experiencing the joy of service as they lift small buckets in their tiny hands. Everywhere you turn, the view of service is remarkable. All this is being done to provide a grand welcome for the upcoming devotees and guests, ensuring their comfortable stay during the Samagam.

Saints are actively involved in setting up tents and assisting in arranging Shamianas for the congregation. The tireless efforts made day and night have transformed the beautifully decorated city of Shamianas into an attractive venue for the Samagam. All these dedicated volunteers and devotees are not showing signs of exhaustion rather radiating a glow of joy. It's evident that this is all happening solely through the divine blessings of Satguru Mata Ji. Her Holiness often emphasizes in Her discourse that, serving selflessly with body, mind and wealth is the highest form of service, leading to the well-being of all.

For this sacred Sant Samagam, suitable arrangements are being made to welcome devotees not only from all parts of India but, also from distant countries. Members of the Nirankari Sewadal; wearing blue (ladies) and Khaki (gentlemen) uniforms will be present at railway stations, bus terminals and airports to welcome all the devotees and guide them to their designated accommodations.

The significance of service is also highlighted in the "Sampuran Hardev Bani," which states:

“Nirichhit Nishkaam Sewa, Amrit Ke Samaan Hai’

“Kahe ‘Hardev’ Guru Ka Usme Chupa Hua Vardaan Hai"

With open arms, we wholeheartedly welcome, any person wishing to immerse themselves in this experience of love, oneness and peace and congregate with saints and attain state of eternal bliss.

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