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Jagraon: The Punjab Congress Party, under the leadership of PPCC Chief Amarinder Singh Raja Warring, convened a solemn protest in Jagraon to voice profound concern over the escalating law and order challenges in Punjab and to underscore the party's unwavering commitment to democratic values.

Working President Bharat Bhushan Ashu, asserted the party's dedication to the people of Punjab, stating, "The residents of Punjab are the backbone of our party. It is evident that the people have discerned the true nature of this 'badlaav' government. Our campaign against the failed rule of AAP is a testament to our commitment to fight for a better Punjab. I believe there can be no alliance between Congress and AAP in Punjab."

Leader of Opposition Partap Singh Bajwa underscored the detrimental repercussions of the two-year tenure under the AAP government, emphasizing, "The AAP governance over the past two years has resulted in the erosion of the vitality and vibrancy of our state. The younger generation is seeking opportunities abroad, as they see no future in Punjab anymore. The drug menace in the state has risen exponentially, transforming Punjab into a realm plagued by thefts, robberies, narcotics, and criminal activities. The AAP government in Punjab, working as BJP’s 'B-Team,' poses a serious threat to the well-being of our state, making it imperative for us to disassociate from any mentions of an affiliation with AAP."

Deputy CLP Leader Rajkumar Chabbewal highlighted the party's communication to the high command in Delhi, "The people of Punjab do not support an alliance between Congress and AAP. For the Congress to prevail, such an alliance must be avoided. The deteriorating law and order situation underscores the incapacity of the current leadership. The same has been conveyed to the high command in Delhi as well"

MLA Sardar Pargat Singh articulated the party's apprehensions, stating, "Punjab is facing unprecedented challenges under the current AAP regime. The state has always been pushed against the wall. The suspension of MPs at the central level is indicative of the erosion of democracy in our nation, with the BJP now using AAP as their 'B-team' to destabilize Punjab. Any talks of an alliance between Congress and AAP are vehemently condemned as we’re against this B-Team of BJP."

In his concluding statements, PPCC Chief Raja Warring expressed apprehensions regarding the future trajectory of the state, asserting, "I am actively seeking viable solutions for the challenges facing Punjab. While the central government appears unsupportive, the AAP administration's alignment with the union government raises concerns. Looking ahead, there is a genuine risk that, two decades from now, Punjab may witness an exodus of its Punjabi populace, as the youth may prioritize emigration over remaining in a region devoid of prospects if the prevailing conditions persist."

Concluding his address, Raja Warring underscored, "No decision will be made contrary to the aspirations of the people of Punjab. The Congress party upholds democratic principles, ensuring that all voices are not only heard but also duly acknowledged. Our steadfast commitment to championing the welfare of Punjab remains unwavering. I strongly encourage the entire party cadre to express their opinions freely, thereby upholding the core tenets of our democratic ethos."

The protest was attended by the senior party leadership including MP Fatehgarh Sahib Dr Amar Singh, PPCC General Secretary In-charge Sandeep Singh Sandhu, Punjab Mahila Congress President Gursharan Kaur Randhawa, PCC SC Cell Chairman Kuldeep Singh Vaid, Ludhiana Rural District President Major Singh Mullanpur, Former Cabinet Minister Sadhu Singh Dharamsot, Jagtar Singh, Kamil Amar Singh, and Vikram Bajwa among other prominent leaders.



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