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Sparkle this holiday season with ‘Delight’ from Titan Raga

Chandigarh, (Aditi) : The most exciting time of the year is here! As we roll into the joyful spirit of the holiday season, Titan Raga presents a unique range of watches, ‘Delight’ that is crafted to evoke soothing and sensorial experiences through its playful design language. Available in thirteen designs, the newly launched collection is a concoction of fashion, glamour and elegance which is brought alive in the form of stunning watches.

Titan Raga Delight manifests a unique design language which is tactile, soft and flowy. These watches have unique dial shapes such as oval, round and rectangular which are surrounded by distinct case designs. With this collection, Titan Raga presents a 2-layered dial where premium stones float in between the two layers, creating a playful effect. As for the dials, right from a space blue plating on a terrazzo stone base to their signature Mother of Pearl and Sunray finishes, the brand offers a marvellous range to choose from. The straps, likewise, have interesting elements such as locking loops with spring circular clasps, multi mesh with different plating colours and braided mesh with concealed lugs amongst others. Two of their variants have a gorgeous line of premium crystals in the bracelet, separating the sandblasted and polished finishing to give a sleek dual finish look.



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