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Sunrays Stories by Sanjay Tandon and Priya Tandon complete 200 episodes

Chandigarh: The weekly Sunrays Stories video series 'SunraysMe', hosted by politician and philanthropist Sanjay Tandon and his wife Priya Tandon, launched its 200th episode on Sunday. To mark this achievement, the duo were in an interactive session organized at Mini Tagore Theater, Sector 18 wherein inspirational thoughts were exchanged and the 200th episode featuring a recorded interview with Cricket Legend Kapil Dev was released online. During the program, people from all walks of life, including academicians, bureaucrats, social workers, students, doctors, professionals across the region were apprised of this unique initiative of Tandons. As many as 2740 viewers tuned in through various social media platforms into the livestream which lasted for nearly one hour. This video series was started by Tandons during the imposition of lockdown in the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020. The initiative was aimed to bring a sense of positivity in people who were confined to their homes. When the entire world was at a standstill, Sanjay Tandon and his wife Priya Tandon made a unique effort to ‘reach and teach’ the people through digital mode, narrating inspirational stories. Recalling the lockdown days, Sanjay Tandon said, on March 26, 2020, they made the first 'SunraysMe' video with the help of his phone camera and later in the evening shared it with his contact list and his social media platforms. Their efforts were highly appreciated by people that lent the couple tremendous encouragement. Their family members also came forward to help in the video shoots leaving a motivational impact on the audience. Priya Tandon said that it became a routine to shoot the video in the morning and broadcast it in the evening for the first 36 days. These videos are based on the moral stories in their seven books in the series – Sunrays for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. There are 52 inspirational stories in each book. The Tandons choose stories from those books and deliver messages pertaining to moral values like discipline, mutual respect, family values, bonding with friends and other social issues in their weekly videos. The reach of these videos is not only confined to locals but has become global with the help of digital platforms like Facebook,WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Sunrays Stories has reached 83,76,865 people through various social media channels (YouTube - 1,074,708, Facebook - 7,190,651 and Instagram - 111,506) so far. While narrating his emotions on this accomplishment, Sanjay Tandon said that in this era where values have declined immensely the society needs an injection of positivity, there is a dire need for inspiration and teachings to the people, especially the youth. Social degeneration and social evils can be curbed to a large extent with positive thoughts. He said amidst adverse circumstances like Covid19, their effort of broadcasting videos was to create a sense of positivity and joy among the depressed and affected people, that too with the limited resources available. They are delighted that their efforts are being appreciated all around. He emphasized that if their efforts brought a positive change in someone's life, he considers their efforts worthwhile. Tandons are committed to continue with the same endeavour so that people continue to derive positive food for thought.


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