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TEACHERS’ DAY celebrated at Government College of Education, Sector 20 D

Chandigarh: NSS Cell of the GCE 20 celebrated Teachers Day on September 5, 2023 during the One Day NSS Camp. The day also included two dedicated sessions on Eye Donation Awareness and Poshan Maah : Orientation to Young Pupil Teachers.

The camp began with NSS Song. Dr. Ravneet Chawla, Incharge NSS Cell of the college welcomed the Principal, Dr. Sapna Nanda and the facultyto inaugurate the camp. The first session of the day was collaborative initiative of NSS and the Red Ribbon Club of the college on Eye Donation Awareness Session. Dr. Tanu Singh, Assistant Professor from GMCH-32, Chandigarh connected the audience regarding the acceptance of being the donors. She addressed the facts about cornea, importance of eye donation and causes that lead to damage. The speaker in a very delicate manner gave real life sensibilities on when and how to offer the cornea when a family member dies if he is a registered donor, or even otherwise. She shared important statistics on the gap between the requirement and the availability of cornea for transplant. The youth as pupil teachers were motivated to be the ambassadors of change in volunteering to be the eye donors too. She also informed about the certain procedures which evaluate the eye implantations and information related to eye banks. Students asked the questions regarding the donation and pledge forms were distributed to students for furnishing the best knowledge of the campaign.

NSS also facilitated the ELC awareness programme by the teamDr. Rupinder Kaur, Mr. Manish Kumar and Mr. Sanjeev Kumar under the guidance of Dr. Nisha Singh. Dr. Kaur addressed the students regarding the power of the voters and election in our country. Each vote is important and each voter is part of democratic process of the country. This message was spread.

The following time was facilitated to the teachers by the NSS Volunteers in the form of dedicated poetry, speeches and poems, singing and dancing to shower high regard for the teaching fraternity. There were interestingly designed games such as quizzes based on Bollywood songs and movie names. There was a special gesture of cake cutting by the faculty which was an ice breaking moment between the new batch and the faculty.

The post lunch session included a dedicated session by the Principal, Dr. Sapna Nanda as the expert speaker for orienting youth on PoshanMaah. She initiated her talk on giving the concept of POSHAN MAAH as per the Government of India, and as per the vision of the Honourable Prime Minister. She further systematically elaborated on balanced diet, prevalent faulty eating patterns leading to conditions such as obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension, and leading to further complex health conditions. Undernutrition is a concern in our nation, she said. Nutrient related specific disorders, possible management at home by using awareness on storage, cooking and eating methods were guided about. Imbalance in nutrients also leads to chronic poor health conditions. The session also generated awareness on myths and stereotyping on food practices. She gave examples on which and when and how of food handling. She inspired the youth to be the active agents to learn, practice and spread the message. Stunting, under nutrition, and anaemia have to be managed fast as per the National Nutrition Mission. Low birth weight is another target to be managed besides other prevalent targets. She shared the concept of Ayurveda in connecting the understanding of the body types, and the connection with the soul. Dr. Sapna Nanda elaborated on nutrition needs through the different life milestones in context of Indian population. Food functions, elderly health care and relevant dietary guidelines were discussed. Poverty line and people sitting on it need ongoing care as these decide the health of the future population. Her suggestions included incorporating seasonal fruits and vegetables, consumption of oils and sugar/salt in moderation, healthy food concepts, energy dense foods, nutritionally adequate diet were the concepts that allowed interaction with the audience. The ways to incorporate food groups were suggested also. The session was highly appreciated by the pupil teachers, Vice President Rubal Grover extended a vote of thanks to the Principal.

The day ended with a bhangra performance that put all the volunteers to tap their feet. Mr Ravinder Kumar, NSS PO, offered a vote of thanks to all. Dr Sapna Nanda applauded the efforts of the volunteers and the Programme Officers for a well-organized and theme based NSS Day. The newly elect President Priyanshu and Vice President, Rubal Grover extended a warm gratitude to their teams for executing their duties in the camp very well.


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