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Tewari hit under the belt when I spoke of vision and new roadmap of Chandigarh: Tandon

Chandigarh: As the campaign for the Lok Sabha election concluded today, BJP Chandigarh candidate for LS seat, Sanjay Tandon launched a scathing attack on his counterpart Manish Tewari for "hitting below the belt" all through his campaign.


Addressing the press meet held at a hotel in Sector 22, Chandigarh, Tandon said Tewari's campaign smacked of false arrogance and egoism through which he aspired to reflect his "status" more than addressing the problems of the people of Chandigarh.


All through the campaign Tewari has been seeing things in Chandigarh through his coloured glasses, said Tandon adding that he wished that Tewari was more grounded in his campaign. Tandon said his dependence on social media platforms like X and others simply reflected his "shallow understanding of the ground realities".


Tandon said "Today for sure, I can say that Tewari is the second Kejriwal who eats his words with regrets." There have been a series of examples when Tewari ate his words after putting them on social media as Kejriwal has been doing. 


Tandon asked Tewari to explain how many times he has visited Chandigarh in the last four decades. "I have been engaged in so many social activities to relate to the people be it crisis times of pandemic or otherwise.


During the event, Tandon released the charter of 56 achievements done by the BJP in the last ten years. He said, “While the Congress nominee Manish Tewari has been busy hopping around the constituencies, the BJP under my watch focused on progress and developmentof the city during the period when I also served as the city BJP president for two consecutive terms.”

Taking a dig at the frequent change of constituencies that Tewari has been resorting to, Tandon questioned  Tewari who has his voyer card from Ludhiana whom will he vote for in Ludhiana from where he has his voter card, whom will he vote for Congress or AAP in this election?


The BJP has made many contributions in the development of the city. The development took place across the areas of Infrastructure Development, Urban Services, Healthcare, Social Welfare and Administrative Reforms, Sports, Energy and Environment, Tourism, Education etc.During my intensive campaign people from Shri Anandpur Sahib and Ludhiana did come over to share their disappointment with Tewari as their MP but I desisted from undertaking a negative campaign and focused on my future vision of the city, which I promise to make an international hub of IT and other  enterprises where the youth could realize their dreams and ambitions. I also plan to lay down a roadmap to build international infrastructure in the city to attract investments from all quarters.


Congress has no Neta, No Niti  and No Niyat 

Sanjay Tandon attacked Congress and said that they have no Neta, No Niti  and No Niyat. He said that the Indi Alliance is just a corrupt grouping.  Congress is  in such dire straits it is not even contesting on 300 seats. This time Congress will be reduced to 50 seats. Replying to Tewari's accusation that BSP was BJP's B Team Tandon said that everyone knows whose B team BSP is and on whose orders it functions. 

Tewari has a track record of lying and going back on his words. 

Sanjay Tandon took Tewari to task and said that lying and going back on his words has been his track record. Due to this, the top leaders of the Congress high command have distanced themselves from Tewari's election campaign. Congress national president Mallikarjun Kharge came to Chandigarh and held a meeting in a luxurious hotel but he did not campaign for Manish Tewari. Moreover, Congress's biggest star campaigner Rahul Gandhi came to  Panchkula, but did not campaign for Tewari. The way Tewari  threatened Pawan Banal with arrogance in Priyanka Gandhi's public meeting shows he even  lacks social values. 



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