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The historic thumping victory by Bhartya Janata Party in the recently concluded assembly elections r

: 13 December: The resounding victory in three major states in the country by Bhartiya Janata Party has left opposition decimated and the mood of the voter and the nation is crystal clear that the nation believes in the pro active policies of the BJP. Said Mr Vijay Rupani Ex CM and observer Punjab and Mr Sunil Jakhar har State Party President of the party.

In an joint press conference here today at the party headquarters both leaders while speaking on the resounding success at the recently concluded assembly elections said that it was pertinent to note that the voters have made up there minds and the poll pundits have been proven wrong.

The state party president Sunil Jakhar taking a dig at the India alliance said that these results are a nightmare for them and the party will also do well in Punjab. “ the leaders who had left us are indeed in a terrible political flux” he said.

The country is voting repeatedly for the BJP as this is the only political party which delivers its commitments made to the electorate and believes in prosperity for the last man in line. “ the statesmanship of our Prime Minister Mr Modi has been instrumental for this success in the three states.” Said Mr Vijay Rupani

While Mr Sunil

Jakhar said that the party will take its policies and programs to every nook and corner to make the Punjab voter aware and form an independent opinion on BJP and not listen to false narratives of the opposition.

A large number of Congress leaders joined the party today in the presence of Mr Rupani and Mr Jakhar. They are Kamaljit Singh Karwal, Baljinder Singh Kahlon, Gurpreet Singh Gopi, Nitu Sharma, Pooja Sharma, Jaspreet Jassi, Sukhdev Singh Sheera, Ranjit Ubhi, Parminder Singh Rinku and Mandeep Jindal.



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