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TimeTicket: Pre-registration for "eSportStars" (aka: eposta) is now open

This service broadens the network of support for esports players while playing against esports professional players.

  • Aiming to promote esports by providing the chance to earn money through competitions and a cryptocurrency reward service.

TOKYO, JAPAN - (Global News) - TimeTicket GmbH (headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, CEO: Masato Kakamu), a wholly-owned Swiss subsidiary of TimeTicket, Inc. (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo), is now offering pre-registration for "eSportStars (aka: eposta)" where players and fans can easily find suitable opponents to play against while promoting esports (https://esportstars.jp/).

◆ Outline of "eSportStars"

"eSportStars" is for everyone including professional esports players, fans and players aiming to become professionals around the world. It is an unprecedented service that offers all players the opportunity to find suitable opponents to play against as well as hosting tournaments and competing in popular esports games beyond geographical boundaries. (Supported languages: Japanese, English, and Chinese)

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