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True love is not about being together forever! Get ready to witness the emotional love story

Punjabi film industry is all set to witness an emotional love story in the upcoming film 'RAZAA-E-ISHQ' which is set to release in December, this year. Featuring Harp Farmer and Aanand Priyaa in pivotal roles, the film is a unique love story.

Based on Saadat Hasan Manto's Licence, the film 'RAZAA-E-ISHQ' is being written and directed by Chandigarh lad Amit Sanouria while it is being produced by Sardarni Darshan Kaur and Harp Farmer and co-produced by Hardeep Dhurali and Kuran Dhillon. Likewise, the music for the film was very well taken care of by Music Director Gavy Sidhu.

Apart from Harp Farmer and Aanand Priyaa, the film also features Sarver Ali, Dr Rajan Gupta, Ikattar Singh, Aneeta Shabdeesh, Nikhil Sharma, Kanwer Pal Kamboj, Anup Chhabra, Mukesh Chandelia, Yogesh Negi and Maneesh Pachiaru in key roles.

The film 'RAZAA-E-ISHQ' revolves around the story of Inayat, a young girl who falls in love with a man named Abbu Coachman. Her parents don't approve of their relationship and, therefore, they decide to elope together. They live happily until one day the police conduct a raid at their house and charge Abbu with abducting a girl.

While Inayat tries to get Abbu out of jail, she is left alone without any means of earning her livelihood and then she decides to drive Abbu’s Tonga herself. Later, she faced several challenges including the issuance of a coachman license, her tonga being impounded, and heavy penalties imposed on her.

Do they meet again? Do they live happily or do they get separated forever? All the questions will be answered in the month of December when Harp Farmer and Aanand Priyaa starrer will hit the silver screens.

Notably, the Director of Photography for the film was Sukhan Saar, Shivam Dhall was the Executive Producer and Kanwer Pal Kamboj was the Editor. Sarver Ali and Yogesh Negi were the Associate Directors while SS Sidhu was the Creative Director and Production Designer for the film.

Chief AD for the film was Kanwer Pal Kamboj while Dheeraj Sharma and Rudraksha served as the Assistant Directors for the film. On the other hand, Shivam Dhall wrote lyrics while Manna Mand, Rahul Gill, Heer Sharma, and Hamza Budd lent their voices to respective songs in the film. Similarly, Maneesh Pachiaru worked as the Art Director for the film, while Nikhil Sharma was the Casting Director and Palak Joshi took care of the makeup.

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