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unemployment rate of Haryana state being the highest in the entire country-Shelja

Chandigarh, (Gurpreet)– President, Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee, Kumari Selja has expressed concern over the unemployment rate of Haryana state being the highest in the entire country in the latest CMIE data. Kumari Selja said that the BJP-JJP government was wreaking havoc on the youth of the state. While, the Haryana government was claiming 75 percent reservation for local youth in new jobs in the private sector, but in reality, there were no jobs in the private sector.

Kumari Selja said that the industries in the state were already suffering and unemployment was increasing continuously. When there were no new jobs in private sector in the state, how the youth will get employment. Today the situation has become worse and those, who were working from years, were being laid off . The latest figures of CMIE bear witness to this fact. She  questioned why 75 percent reservation benefit will not be given in jobs with salary above Rs 50,000 per month in the private sector? She said that Change of Land Use (CLU) permission of agricultural land was issued from the Town and Country Planning Department for industries. And Under it there was a provision that except for technical jobs , 75 per cent of the employment was to be provided to domiciled residents of Haryana. But why it had not been implemented properly by the government. The government had so far organized investor summits by spending crores of rupees for investment, yet unemployment was increasing in the state. What happened to those investments? The government should clarify its stand on this matter. She said that all this shows that this decision of Haryana Government was just a sham.

She said that when there was Congress rule in Haryana, lakhs of small and big industries were established. But today, due to the wrong  policies of the government, small and big industries were shutting down in the state. Companies were migrating from the state. This government does not want to give government jobs. Recently, the Chief Minister Manohar Lal gave a statement that the recruitment in government jobs will be stopped for the next one year. Although after heavy opposition from the Congress party, he backed out.   However his statement exposed the government's intention.

Kumari Selja said that the government does not want to give new government jobs and old recruitment were being delayed. The livelihood of government employees was being snatched through conspiracy of privatisation and outsourcing. The cancellation of PTI recruitment was part of this conspiracy of the government. Non-regular workers were being fired, she added. Kumari Selja said that instead of spinning out‘Jumlas’, the Haryana government should immediately take concrete steps to provide relief to industries, impart trainings to make youth skilled and generate employment opportunities. 

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