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Unveiling Regulatory Excellence: PGIMER Hosts BIS Workshop on Medical Device Standards

Chandigarh: The Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh, concluded a highly informative and insightful workshop aimed at illuminating the regulatory intricacies surrounding medical devices and interventions.

Key Highlights:

- BIS Expertise: The BIS team, led by the dynamic Ms. Uroosa Warsi, Assistant Director, Medical Equipment and Hospital Planning Department, BIS, showcased the organization's young and vibrant approach to regulatory standardization.

- Major Initiatives: Ms. Warsi presented the significant strides taken by BIS in the realm of conformity assessment, shedding light on the decision-making process for establishing industry standards.

- Micro Scale Units: The BIS team detailed the concessions extended to micro-scale units, demonstrating the organization's commitment to inclusivity and support for small scale businesses.

- Biomedical Instrumentation and Devices Hub: Prof. J. Matthews shared the remarkable achievements of the Biomedical Instruments and Devices Hub, providing insights into existing gaps that present opportunities for collaboration. The BIS team visited the Biomedical Instrumentation and Devices Hub and was impressed with the medical equipment testing laboratory.

- Interactive Workshops: The workshop facilitated discussions on addressing identified gaps, fostering cooperation, and nurturing a pathway for future accomplishments.

Prof. G.D. Puri expressed his enthusiasm for the collaborative event, stating, "The meeting and workshop serve as a pivotal platform for aligning our understanding of BIS standards in the medical device domain. This knowledge exchange will undoubtedly shape the future of medical interventions."

Ms. Uroosa Warsi remarked, "The BIS team is thrilled to engage with the esteemed participants from PGIMER. We believe that this collaborative initiative will drive advancements in medical device standards that directly benefit patient care."

The event was marked by a dynamic exchange of ideas, suggestions, and insights aimed at harmonizing medical device standards with the evolving healthcare landscape. With the collective determination to enhance quality, safety, and efficacy, the event promised a brighter future for medical interventions.

In the morning a meeting of medical equipment and hospital division of anaesthesia and resuscitation division of BIS was also held under the esteemed chairmanship of Prof. G.D. Puri.



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