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Unveiling the Shadows - ED Raids Dheeraj Sahu's Premises, Unearths ₹200 Crore in Cash

New Delhi: In a stunning revelation, Enforcement Directorate (ED) raids on Congress MP Dheeraj Sahu's premises have unearthed over ₹200 crore in cash, with counting still underway.

Anurag Thakur Fires Shots: Congress, Corruption, and Cash – An Unbreakable Trio

Anurag Thakur, Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting and Youth Affairs and Sports, didn't hold back, declaring, "Modi ji is channeling every penny for the greater good, while Congress is busy amassing black money."

Thakur questioned the Gandhi duo, stating, "Rahul and Sonia Gandhi must explain why the name of Congress echoes wherever corruption lurks."

Congress: A Legacy of Scams

Thakur lambasted Congress, citing a history of scams – from defense to Bofors, and the more recent 2G, Commonwealth, Coal, and others. He quipped, "Congress has perfected the art of looting the nation since independence."

Congress and Corruption: An Inseparable Tale

Highlighting recent instances, Thakur pointed to Chhattisgarh's liquor scam and the Mahadev App scandal, followed by the staggering ₹200 crore cash discovery in Jharkhand. He challenged Rahul Gandhi, asking why Congress is always linked to corruption and why the opposition leader opposes ED and CBI.

Nationwide Crackdown on Corruption

Thakur shed light on recent anti-corruption actions, revealing cash discoveries in Bengaluru, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Chennai, and Delhi. He assured the public that every penny looted from the people would be reclaimed, emphasizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi's commitment to a corruption-free India.

Thakur concluded, "Investigating agencies will act independently, and the black money of Congress will be recovered. The promise to return every looted penny stands strong."

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