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 Usha launches Aeroclean Goodbye Dust Exhaust Fans Range

Chandigarh (Aditi) Usha has launched the Aeroclean goodbye dust exhaust fans range for all those of you who are tired of the pain involved in cleaning the accumulated grease and grime off the exhaust fans in your kitchens. Inspired by the lotus flower for its dust repelling properties, Usha adopted an additional coating on the blades of the fan in the Aeroclean range of exhaust fans to resist the accumulation of dust and grime on the fan blades keeping your kitchen cleaner and healthier. Available in three variants – Usha Aeroclean, Usha Aeroclean Plus, and Usha Aeroclean Pro – each in two sweep sizes, the new range is designed for optimal efficiency.

These easy to clean exhaust fans come with a durable metal body for longer life. Other key features include aerodynamic blades for smooth operation and powerful 100% copper motor that provides high air suction. The Aeroclean range has special lacquer coated blades, which resist deposition of dust and grime and can be conveniently cleaned with a single swipe. Their superior quality and performance ensures these fans remove smoke and odour from the kitchens keeping them fresh and airy.

The Aeroclean exhaust fans are available in multiple colour variants and are competitively priced between Rs 1500/-- to Rs 2250/-. All products come with a two-year warranty making it a compelling buy.

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