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Vigilance Cell Chandigarh Busts Bribery Racket at Integrated Command and Control Centre

Chandigarh: Vigilance Cell Chandigarh has successfully dismantled a bribery/extortion racket operating within the Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) located in Sector-17, Chandigarh. The racket involved members of an outsourcing service provider company, V INSPIRER Facility Pvt. Ltd. Gurugram HR.

Following a complaint regarding the demand for a bribe of Rs. 20,000 by Kuldeep, a supervisor at V INSPIRER Facility Pvt. Ltd., FIR No. 04/2024 U/S 8,12 of Prevention of Corruption Act and 384,120B IPC was registered. 

The Vigilance Cell Chandigarh laid a trap and alleged Kuldeep caught red handed in the presence of two independent witnesses while he was accepting bribe money of Rs. 10000/- in his office at ICCC Smart City Project Sector-17, Chandigarh on behalf of Mohan Jangra, Operation Manager of Company. Subsequently, Mohan Jangra has also been arrested.

Investigations have revealed that workers who refused to pay the bribe were terminated from their positions, underscoring the extent of corruption within the organization.These aspects are also being examined.

The Vigilance Cell Chandigarh urges the public not to engage in bribery and to report any instances of corruption promptly. Citizens can make complaints or provide information via Vigilance Helpline No. 8360817378 (with WhatsApp facility 24x7), landline numbers 0172-2760820, 2740012, or through email at, Additionally, complainants can visit in person at Police Station Vigilance, Chandigarh to lodge their complaints regarding corruption.



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