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Vivek Oberoi to share expert advice on managing school fees issue at Financepeer event

Chandigarh (Aditi) To address the rising concerns of the parents on school education fees, Financepeer – a Google incubated school fee financing company, is organizing a webinar for the parents and schools to participate. The virtual event will also focus on educational and learning concerns and how to have convenience of school fees payment through Financepeer.

Scheduled on July 26, 2020, the webinar will be addressed by renowned actor and Educationalist Vivek Anand Oberoi, who would highlight the learning concerns faced by parents due to school fees and how they can relieve themselves through Financepeer’s fee financing model.  The webinar will have LIVE session by Mr Oberoi and parents will get a chance to interact with the actor and the spokesperson from Financepeer about education funding. With uncertainty on reopening of the schools due to pandemic, lot of parents are finding it difficult to pay the school fees and handling their job loss/ salary cuts and financial crisis. Speaking about the event, founder of Financepeer, Mr Rohit Gajbhiye said, “Through this event, we aim to help the parents answer all their queries on school fee financing and how they can reduce their burden. The global pandemic has led to dropout of schools as parents were not able to pay the school fees. Through our fee financing model, we want to ensure access to education for all the students. Our model will help in smooth and continuous operations of school education.”

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