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World Kidney Day-Prevent disease before it occurs; expert

Bathinda, (Global News) : “Kidney disease has increased a lot in India, if it is not paid attention to, its treatment can be very expensive and difficult, and its treatment is to prevent the disease before it occurs,”

While giving tips for healthy kidneys on World Kidney Day, Dr. Jagatjit Singh, kidney specialist at Max Hospital, Bathinda said that people over 60 years with diabetes, high blood pressure and stone problems should get blood tests done periodically. It is required so that the disease can be detected early and the disease can be avoided.

Dr. Singh further said that we should have to keep control on diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, and quit tobacco and not to take painkillers without medical advice. This has very bad effects on kidneys; he said adding drinking more fluid diet during the change of season is beneficial for kidney health



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